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Grace's Journal
Grace's Journal.png
Type Journal
Location Ashen Reaches
Ruby's Fall

Grace's Journals are a set of journals introduced during Forsaken Shores, which document Grace's time in the Devil's Roar. In total, there are two journals.

Journal Entries[]

Ruby's Fall[]

(Written during the expedition)

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This looks like a journal, belonging to 'Grace'.

Read 'No land like it...'

The Forsaken Shores Alliance has reached an accord and named this place 'The Devil's Roar'! It's so damn hot! Especially compared to the last place...
Flintlock Bert suggested it. He doesn't say much, but when he does, I listen. He's good with words, but folks just see him as a big, dumb ox.
Maybe I'll teach him to write. He can help me name some of these islands.
Odds are, we'll be here for a long time to come. This place is so... violent, so inhospitable... but it's alluring, too.
We intend to make several trips - exploring, discovering, maybe even settling this land, one day.
Even Jim seems to like it. His usual aversion to anything dangerous seems to have been overtaken by his love of plunder!

Read 'Should we have come here?'

The pressures of this place, both literal and figurative, are taking their toll on my crew and Jim's. Our Alliance is fraying.
Even Ruby is out of sorts. She's never been keen on heights and this land isn't exactly flat. But that's par for the course. The real problem?
That damned box. Jim coined the term 'Box of Wondrous Secrets' . He peeked inside, just a peek mind, and could barely describe what he saw.
Whatever's in there, it's not worth it. I fear what it might do to our unity.

Ashen Reaches[]

(Written after the disbandment of the alliance)

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This looks like a journal, belonging to 'Grace'.

Read 'Week 43'

I talk to myself so much, I've started answering. But you know what? It isn't lonely here, not really.
It's too loud and dangerous for me to feel alone. It's more like living with a big, angry monster.
I entertain myself with games and by exploring the region. I have a grog or two, if any bottles wash up. Sometimes the giant sharks try to eat me.
I noticed something. There's always a quake just before an eruption. I can avoid them, if I'm careful.
So I guess I get to survive a while longer.

Read 'Week ??'

I've lost count of the years I've been here, but I'm not bored.
The great sharks keep me on my toes! I call the biggest, angriest one 'Redmaw'. She reminds me of my mother.
Then there was the merfolk incident. They weren't so friendly in these parts. But I've smoothed things over, since I married their prince...
Then the Ferry of the Damned appeared! If it had been around sooner, my crew might still be alive.
I took a couple of trips there, but how long was I truly gone? Decades? Who knows. The Ferryman seemed amused to keep me in his service.
Several years flew by during the invasion of the crabs. I wish someone had been here to see me take down Lord Pinch! What an epic adventure!
And I suppose all these visits from the Pirate Lord helped. Gosh, I remember when he was still alive. Me, Jim, Ruby, we were practically kids.
I miss home, but I can't go back to the Wilds, not with folks like Jim out there. The Roar is my home now and it's my duty to protect it.