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Source Tankard
Related Grog Barrel

Grog is the beverage of choice for all Player Pirates in Sea of Thieves. Every Tankard is filled with this delightful alcoholic drink.


Players can drink Grog by using their Tankards, which they have on them at all times. When a Tankard is emptied, it can be refilled at any Grog Barrel, Tavern or a Chest of a Thousand Grogs. Players will become increasingly more drunk the more Grog they consume. The effect can last up to a couple of minutes.


Drunk Players will experience various effects. Their visuals become slightly blurred and their movements become unstable, making players swerve left and right even without any Player input. This also effects any Items the Player is trying to interact with. Handling Equipment, Sails, the Wheel, the Harpoon, Cannons or a Rowboat all become more difficult as the Player's actions become involuntary. Any Drunk player who plays an Instrument will play severely off tune.


Drinking too much will make players sick, after which they will start vomiting. Every time a player vomits, their visuals become even more blurry. Any players hit by Vomit will have their screen filled with the green goop and potentially become sick themselves.

Players can use the Bucket to catch their own vomit and throw it around manually. This can be used to hinder the visuals of any Pirates and can be an effective tool in combat. Vomit can also be used to douse Fire.

Players can also become sick from eating too much Bait or raw Food.