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Grogsoaked Ed
Grogsoaked Ed.png
Type NPC
Location Shipwreck Bay

Grogsoaked Ed is a NPC on the northern shore of Shipwreck Bay and a possible target for Cargo Run voyages.


Dialogue icon.png

Mind yer sshhtep! I dropped a bottle of grog around here somewhere. Or did I drink it? Oh... I'm Ed! What'sh your... thing? (hic)

Have you had drink today, Ed?

Maybe! Yesh!
I only drink on the weekendsh.
But my watch ssshhhtopped on Shhunday.
About ten yearssh ago.
Hahaaha! Good one, Ed.

Do you like living in The Wildsh? I mean, Wilds!

(hic) It'sh a good place to get a grog.
Tess at the Broken Tushk really knows her drink. She makesh shpecial, artisanal brewsh!
An' she letsh me drink what'sh left inna bottom of the barrel.
I wanna try the brewsh at the new Charred Parrot out in The Devil'sh Roar.
Risshky place to go for a grog. But... worth it!

You seem very good-humoured!

Oh yesh, life'sh too short to be angry. Look what happened to Wanda, the weaponshhhmith.
Better to crack a joke (hic) over a grog... or ten!
Like I ushed to do with old Merrick!
Now there's a man who knew how to get legless...
Haha! You'd get that if you met him!