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Harry the Hoarder
PlunderOutpost GoldHoarders HarryTheHoarder.png
Type NPC
Location Plunder Outpost
Company Gold Hoarders icon.png Gold Hoarders

Harry the Hoarder is the Gold Hoarders company liaison on Plunder Outpost. Harry stylizes himself as more of a philanthropist than his colleagues, though it is unknown if this is true or simply a sales tactic.


Dialogue icon.png

Hello! I'm Harry the Hoarder. Unlike my thrifty colleagues, I just love sharing out as much gold as possible.

I'd certainly like a massive share of gold, Harry. How do I get it?

It couldn't be simpler!
Just take our easy to follow maps that lead to chests of gold.
Return the chests and before you know it, we'll both have loads of gold to give away.
I trust you are the generous type? I'd hate to think you're going to keep your share for yourself!

Tell you what, I'll open the chests when I find them and bring you a share.

I admire your enterprise, I really do!
You certainly look like a pirate that I could trust to share out the gold fairly.
Sadly the only way to unlock the chests is with the keys we have around our necks.
You'll just have to bring the chests back to us, I'm afraid.

What is an Emissary? (Post-2.0.14)

Well, an Emissary chooses to represent the Gold Hoarder and fully embrace our ways on the seas.
It's a well-paying title and something of a point of pride. Don't let it turn you greedy though! It's not just about counting your coins.
There are some special rewards for doing well. Think of it more as supporting your favourite Company.

I like your generous spirit. Can you just give me your key? (Pre-2.0.14)

If I did that, I wouldn't be able to open anywhere near the chests I need to!
There's so many worthy causes I must donate to.
Travis over at the Trinket Store needs a small loan to set up his cutlass customizing business.
Then there's that great idea Molly from Dagger Tooth is collecting for.
She wants to adopt every single pig and chicken across all the seas.
So I must keep my key. I'm sure you understand.