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Type NPC
Location The Spoils of Plenty Store
Company The Hunter's Call icon.png The Hunter's Call
Voice Actor Ewan Bailey
A true chef will cook any food they find. Sample everything — the earthy saltiness of a Black Coated Pig, the sharp sourness of a red Striped Snake and the sublime contrast of the Bittersweet Battlegill. You must develop and hone your taste if you have any chance of becoming a master chef like me.
— Hendrick, Overheard at Merrick's campfire

Hendrick is The Hunter's Call representative stationed at The Spoils of Plenty Store. He is the brother of Merrick, co-founder of The Hunter's Call. Hendrick is an accomplished chef with ambition to bring gourmet cuisine to the Sea of Thieves.


Dialogue icon.png

You are in the presence of Chef Hendrick, fine-dining pioneer to discerning crews and author of several of the best-selling scrolls on how to cook.

Good to see you, Chief. Is cooking important at the Hunter's Call?

It's CHEF, not chief!
Cooking has been my passion since I was old enough to stir a pot.
I'll only accept the freshest local fruit and meat. Fish need to be sea to plate within the hour, not a minute more!
My brother Merrick and the rest of our tasteless family might accept food you've had rotting away at the bottom of a barrel for several voyages, but I wont.
Quickly now. Supply my kitchen and I may reward you.

What's going to be popular on pirate platters in the future, Chuff?

I told you, it's CHEF!
I'm going to serve up excitement to everyone's plates with Chef Hendrick's seasonal menu.
There's twice-boiled Black Scaled Snake tail infused with coconut, served on rum-smashed potatoes with a side of wilted palm leaves.
Or you could try grog-soaked Bristled Pig legs, which comes with crispy Parrot feathers and a Skeleton bone marrow broth.
I've also got a heavily salted Muddy Wildsplash consommé, accompanied by freshly baked bat-encrusted bread.

Hunter's Call, eh? Would you be interested in a little Megalodon hunting for old time sake?

How DARE you!
This is just the start of my culinary empire!
There will be a Chef Hendricks dining hall at every outpost.
A sail-through galley at each seapost.
Even a travelling kitchen that calls in at the Glorious Sea Dog tavern and the Legend's hideout.


  • BUG: Hendrick's third dialogue option is copied from Merrick's dialogue, resulting in a non-sequitur response.
  • Hendrick's name will appear incorrectly spelled as "Hendrik" on their "Talk to" interaction prompt text and on Cargo Run contract text.