Henry the Hoarder is a Gold Hoarders Trading Company merchant at Galleon's Grave Outpost. He sells Voyages to players and will trade chests for gold.


What is so esteemed about the Gold Hoarders, Henry?
What isn't? Our company is the purveyor of the most reliable treasure maps available. We pass these maps onto associates such as yourself, who use them to locate buried chests. You visit us again with chest in hand and then we allow you a certain share of the contents. Not an unpleasant proposition, is it?
What's that badly made key hanging around your neck?
Oh, ha ha. Quite the joker, aren't you? It's the key to our fortune, and to a lesser extent, yours too. Only our keys are capable of unlocking the chests containing gold. You can't just keep all the gold, like the conniving pirate you almost certainly are. Wiped the smile off your face, have I?
Surely you'd make more gold by solving your own maps?
Why, aren't you the clever one? Not as smart as us, though. Our tent is dry and the tavern is close, while storms soak you through and rats infect your grog. Seems we have the better part of the deal, wouldn't you say?
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