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Hide and Peek Emote Bundle
Hide and Peek Emote Bundle.png
Type Bundle
Shop Pirate Emporium
Cost 299 AncientCoin.png
Is it possible to hide and still be dramatic or silly? Leave it to a pirate.

The Hide and Peek Emote Bundle is the second Pirate Emporium exclusive pack of Hide Emotes (preceded by the Hide & Sneak Emote Bundle). These four Emotes hide the player’s Gamertag and Title unless they move or speak. The Cannonball Hide Emote is free for everyone, whereas the other Emotes in the Bundle can be purchased individually for 149 Ancient Coins. The whole Bundle costs 299 Ancient Coins, saving players 148 Ancient Coins. Players can equip any Emotes at a Vanity Chest and perform them using the Emote Radial Menu.

The Bundle

The Bundle Costs 299 Ancient Coins and includes 4 new Emotes:

Hide and Peek Emote Bundle
Bundle Cost: 299 AncientCoin.png
Emote Cost Description
Cannonball Hide Emote AncientCoin.png Curl up small like a cannonball, stay still and hope you're on the enemy's eyepatch side!
Playful Hide Emote 149 AncientCoin.png Either you want to get caught, or you just can't resist taunting your quarry.
Post Hide Emote 149 AncientCoin.png Stand straight, stay still - no, don't peek out! Come on now, hiding is not a game!
Wall Hide Emote 149 AncientCoin.png Stick to that wall and suck in your gut! You're a master of the art of stealth, pirate.