Hugh the Hoarder is a vendor for the Gold Hoarders in Sea of Thieves. He is located in a tent on the Golden Sands Outpost. He sells Voyages to players and exchanges Treasure chests for gold.


I'm Hugh the Hoarder, eagle-eyed accountant for our gold acquiring company.

Tell me about the Gold Hoarders. What's in it for me?
Significant amounts of gold, in numbers that I doubt you can count to! But you'll have to earn it fairly. I'll have no dishonesty from the likes of you. Follow the maps we give you, they lead to chests that you need to bring back to the Gold Hoarders. Well count up the gold inside and you'll receive your remuneration.
Why do I need to bring the chests back to you?
They're locked and we have the only keys that can open them. Which is fortunate for us, as I know you'd just keep all the gold for yourself. You pirates are all alike, if this tent wasn't pegged down I'm sure you'd steal that as well.
You're not very trusting, are you?
Who can blame me after what happened recently? I was taking a nap after a particular lengthy session of counting our gold. Then I felt something on my face. First I thought it was one of those pesky coin stealing parrots. When I opened my eyes there was a grubby pirate trying to prise the gold off my chin with a dagger! I know we're in Sea of Thieves, but that's just unacceptable.
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