Humphrey the Hoarder is a vendor for the Gold Hoarders in Sea of Thieves. He is located in a tent on the Sanctuary Outpost. He sells Voyages to players and exchanges Treasure chests for gold.


If coin is what you seek, then Humphrey of the Gold Hoarders is listening.

Gold Hoarders? I like the sound of that! How can I get my hands on some gold?
By listening carefully. Out there are chests of gold to discover, but they're ingeniously locked. Yes, LOCKED! LOCKED AWAY FROM FILTHY, GREEDY GRABBING HANDS LIKE YOURS! Ahem... Find the chests and return them to us and we'll see about giving you some coins.
How does your company work, Humphrey?
We hold the only key that can unlock the chests of gold. I know what you're thinking. BUT IT WON'T WORK! YOU CAN'T OPEN THEM! YOU CAN'T DESTROY THEM! Yes, well... Bring us the chests and we'll share the riches inside.
What else can you offer me?
Who could ever want more than the splendour of gold? MADNESS! SHEER LUNACY! Sorry... Perhaps our wondrous trinkets may be of interest? Gilded shovels and compasses that shine like the sun! Prove your worth by increasing our fortune and we'll consider your right to owning them.
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