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Infinite Pirate Generator
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The Infinite Pirate Generator (IPG for short) is the name for the Character Creation system in Sea of Thieves. Instead of individually creating their character, Players will have to choose their Player Pirate from an essentially infinite system of randomly generated character models.


After launching the game for the first time, every Player is taken to the Infinite Pirate Generator, where they can select their Permanent Player Pirate from a wheel of randomly generated Models. Players will have 8 randomly generated Models to circle and choose through. If they are not satisfied with the Models on offer, they can generate a selection of 8 new models by pressing the designated button for Create New Pirates below. Players also have the choice to set a Model as their Favourite by pressing the designated button at the chosen Pirate. Any Favourite models will get a yellow circle below their feet and will stick around after each new round of generated Models.

Once a Player Pirate model has been chosen, the game will take the Player back into the menu. The choice of a Pirate model is permanent for the remainder of the Player's adventures in Sea of Thieves.

Changing the Player Pirate Model[]

After the Player has chosen their Permanent Player Pirate Model, there are only two ways of picking a new Model: Deleting the character or buying a Pirate Appearance Potion from the Pirate Emporium for 149 Ancient Coins.

Deleting a Character[]

The simplest method of choosing a new Permanent Player Pirate Model is Deleting a Pirate. This can be achieved from the Pirate Profile Menu under the Settings Menu. Note that deleting a Pirate will not only delete the Character Model, but also all of the Player's progress in-game, including all of their earned Gold and Doubloons, all of their Cosmetics, Commendations and Reputation levels. This essentially starts the Player over from scratch. There are, however, a few things that stay with the Player after Deleting a Pirate. A Player will get to keep all of their earned Ancient Coins, purchased Pirate Emporium Cosmetics and select Cosmetic Items earned through means outside the Game world (Standalone Cosmetics or Exclusive Sets earned through Promotions or Events, e.g., Spartan Set, Omen Set, Golden Legendary Set, etc.)

Pirate Appearance Potion[]

With the February 2020 Crews of Rage (Content Update), the Pirate Appearance Potion was added as an exclusive Pirate Emporium purchase. The Potion allows Players to return to the Infinite Pirate Generator through the log-in screen and reset their character without resetting all of their in-game progress. The Potion costs 149 Ancient Coins, which is a premium Currency acquired through real-money purchases or from the extremely rare Ancient Skeletons.

Unique Characteristics[]

There are various unique Characteristics that can be generated by the IPG. The basic randomised features of the IPG are the body shape and weight, age, skin tone and the shape of the face. Hair, Hair Dyes, Clothing and Tattoos can also be randomly provided, although these can be switched for free at the Vanity Chest and Clothing Chest. The face of the character is also affected by a "Personality" trait, which can make their faces appear clean and chiseled "Hero" or rugged and battle-torn "Rogue".

Aside from these characteristics, there are various other unique elements provided by random by the IPG.

Unique Hair Dyes and Beards[]

The Infinite Pirate Generator can generate unique Hair Dyes that cannot be purchased from Outpost Shops. Once overwritten by other Hair Dyes, these unique Dyes can be reverted back to when removing a Hair Dye in the Vanity Chest. Aside from lighter shades of regular Dyes, Player Pirates can also spawn with three shades of aged Two-Tone Hair Dyes, which can normally only be purchased by Pirate Legends from the Athena's Fortune Hideout. Male Player Pirates have a chance for having an unique 5 O'clock stubble Beard, which is permanently on their character.

Unique Lips and Teething[]

The Infinite Pirate Generator can create unique Lips and Teething for Player Pirates. Female Pirates can have either dark or pink large Lips, or no Lips at all, whereas Male Pirates spawn with either big pink Lips or none at all. The Pirate Generator can also generate Pirates with Missing or No Teeth at all. Beauty Marks can also appear above the Mouth.

Unique Eyes[]

The Infinite Pirate Generator can create various types of Eyes, ranging from barely visible eyes, to wide open big eyes. The Pirate Generator can also generate a Blind left Eye (the side where Eyepatches are on). Pirates can also have unqiue permanent Makeup around their Eyes in the form of dark eye-liner or a Beauty Marks.

Other Unique Bodily Features[]

The Infinite Pirate Generator can generate various unique body markings such as Scars and Spots