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Type Locations

Islands are locations that are mostly uninhabited and common destinations of the Voyages offered by Trading Companies.

Island Types[edit | edit source]

Large Islands[edit | edit source]

Large Islands are significant landmasses with hills, caves, the ruins of old settlements.

Riddle Maps are exclusive to these islands due to the vast selection of unique landmarks found there.

Name Grid Region
Cannon Cove G-10 The Shores of Plenty
Crescent Isle B-9 The Shores of Plenty
Lone Cove H-6 The Shores of Plenty
Mermaid's Hideaway B-13 The Shores of Plenty
Sailor's Bounty C-4 The Shores of Plenty
Smugglers' Bay F-3 The Shores of Plenty
Wanderers Refuge F-12 The Shores of Plenty
Crook's Hollow M-16 The Ancient Isles
Devil's Ridge P-19 The Ancient Isles
Discovery Ridge E-17 The Ancient Isles
Plunder Valley G-16 The Ancient Isles
Shark Bait Cove H-19 The Ancient Isles
Snake Island K-16 The Ancient Isles
Thieves' Haven L-20 The Ancient Isles
Kraken's Fall R-12 The Wilds
Marauder's Arch Q-3 The Wilds
Old Faithful Isle M-4 The Wilds
Shipwreck Bay M-10 The Wilds
The Crooked Masts O-11 The Wilds
The Sunken Grove P-7 The Wilds
Ashen Reaches V-23 The Devil's Roar
Fetcher's Rest V-12 The Devil's Roar
Flintlock Peninsula W-14 The Devil's Roar
Ruby's Fall Y-16 The Devil's Roar
The Devil's Thirst W-21 The Devil's Roar

Small Islands[edit | edit source]

Small Islands are smaller landmasses, islets that are not large enough to have the landmarks for Riddle Maps, however they can still hold a fair share of secrets, plenty of treasure, and even host fearsome Skeletons.

Name Grid Region
Boulder Cay G-5 The Shores of Plenty
Lagoon of Whispers D-12 The Shores of Plenty
Lonely Isle G-8 The Shores of Plenty
Picaroon Palms I-4 The Shores of Plenty
Rapier Cay D-8 The Shores of Plenty
Rum Runner Isle H-9 The Shores of Plenty
Salty Sands G-3 The Shores of Plenty
Sandy Shallows D-5 The Shores of Plenty
Sea Dog's Rest C-11 The Shores of Plenty
Twin Groves H-11 The Shores of Plenty
Barnacle Cay O-15 The Ancient Isles
Booty Isle K-20 The Ancient Isles
Castaway Isle K-14 The Ancient Isles
Chicken Isle I-16 The Ancient Isles
Cutlass Cay M-18 The Ancient Isles
Fools Lagoon I-14 The Ancient Isles
Lookout Point I-20 The Ancient Isles
Mutineer Rock N-19 The Ancient Isles
Old Salts Atoll F-18 The Ancient Isles
Paradise Spring L-17 The Ancient Isles
Black Sand Atoll O-3 The Wilds
Black Water Enclave R-5 The Wilds
Blind Man's Lagoon N-6 The Wilds
Isle of Last Words O-9 The Wilds
Liar's Backbone S-11 The Wilds
Plunderer's Plight Q-6 The Wilds
Scurvy Isley K-4 The Wilds
Shark Tooth Key P-13 The Wilds
Shiver Retreat Q-11 The Wilds
Tri-Rock Isle R-10 The Wilds
Brimstone Rock X-18 The Devil's Roar
Cinder Islet U-14 The Devil's Roar
Cursewater Shores Y-13 The Devil's Roar
Flame's End V-19 The Devil's Roar
Forsaken Brink U-16 The Devil's Roar
Glowstone Cay Z-18 The Devil's Roar
Magma's Tide Y-20 The Devil's Roar
Roaring Sands U-21 The Devil's Roar
Scorched Pass X-11 The Devil's Roar

Uncharted & Other Islands[edit | edit source]

Main article: Uncharted Islands

These islands are landmasses that do not appear on the ship's Map Table.

Name Grid Region Notes
n/a K-9 The Shores of Plenty
n/a N-13 The Wilds Known for its coral reefs, Ancient underwater cave, and the Magpie's Wing shipwreck.
n/a K-11 No associated region Home to the Sea Dogs' tavern, The Glorious Sea Dog.
Old Sailor's Isle n/a n/a Location for the Maiden Voyage found outside of The Devil's Shroud and as such not part of The Sea of Thieves.
Tribute Peak n/a The Devil's Shroud Mysterious island hidden in The Devil's Shroud, found east of The Wilds. Also known as "The Shores of Gold".

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Although the following are also technically Islands, they significantly differ from other Islands by function or features.