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Captain Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow.png
Type NPC
Related A Pirate's Life
Voice Actor Jared Butler
"Just a moment! As leader of this motley alliance, facing an enemy of unimaginable power, I feel it incumbent upon me to deliver some sort of inspiring speech. [CLEARS THROAT] Let's go and sink them all!"
— Captain Jack Sparrow, Lords of the Sea

Captain Jack Sparrow is an NPC featured in A Pirate's Life, originating from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.


Players can dress up as Jack Sparrow with the Captain Jack Sparrow Classic Costume (Beard) and the Captain Jack Sparrow Classic Costume (No beard), included with the Captain Jack Sparrow Crew Set bundle purchased from the Pirate Emporium.

Players can also deck out their ship with the Eternal Freedom Ship Set to make their ship look like Jack Sparrow's iconic ship, The Black Pearl.

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