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Jewels of the Deep Set
Jewels Of The Deep Set.png
Type Cosmetic Set

The set viewed from the back

The Jewels of the Deep Set is a Cosmetic Set themed after the "threats of the deep".

The Set was rewarded to players who earned sufficient Bilge Rat Favour during the Jewels of the Deep event that ran September 2 - September 16th, 2021.

Set Components[]


  • Total Cost: n/a
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Jewels of the Deep Makeup n/a
n/a Makeup "Is there a prettier sight than sunlight reflecting off the ocean waves? Your face, of course."
Jewels of the Deep Scar n/a
n/a Scars "Scars that might well have been left behind by the removal of some very stubborn barnacles."
Jewels of the Deep Tattoo n/a
n/a Tattoo "Commemorate your struggle with Sirens and their kin via a suitably sea-themed set of tattoos."


Patch history[]