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Keeper of the Ashen Curse
Keeper of the Ashen Curse.png
Type Ashen Artefact
Location Cursewater Shores
Company Gold Hoarders icon.png Gold Hoarders
Source The Seabound Soul
Related Tall Tales
Base Gold Reward 140-260 Gold.png
Emissary Value 600

The Keeper of the Ashen Curse is one of the three Ashen Artefacts that can be uncovered during The Seabound Soul Tall Tale.

Where to Find[]

The Keeper of the Ashen Curse can be found buried at Cursewater Shores when The Seabound Soul is active. The crew needs to use the Enchanted Lantern to find the exact burial spot of the Artefact by raising the Lantern until they see a ghostly Skeleton. The Artefact is buried below and can be dug up with a Shovel.


  • The Keeper looks very similar to the Brimstone Casket Trinket.
  • Ashen Artefacts have a dark-orange Glint with a lens-glare-like effect when looked at from a certain distance.
  • The Reward shown is an estimate of minimum and max value when sold.

Pirate Chat Wheel[]

Here is the Pirate Chat Wheel for the Artefact:

Keeper of the Ashen Curse Wheel.png