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Kraken Set
Kraken Set Male.png
Type Cosmetic Set
Cost 1,902,590 Gold
Cost 2,988 Ancient Coins

The Kraken Set is a Purple, blue and orange coloured Cosmetic Set in Sea of Thieves. As the name implies, the set is themed after the Kraken. This Set is mostly locked behind Commendations and was initially only available from the Shops at Morrow's Peak Outpost in The Devil's Roar. The Set was made available in all Outpost Stores with the release of the Anniversary Update. These Set items cost a bit more than regular Outpost Cosmetics.

A more expensive red and black recolour called the Inky Kraken Set as well as a green and yellow recolour called the Venomous Kraken Set can be purchased from Outpost for Gold.

The Hair and Beard of the Kraken Set are available for purchase for Pirate Legends from the Shopkeeper of Athena's Fortune Hideout.

The Full Set with the Kraken Dress.

Kraken Ship Set on a Galleon.

Kraken Ship Set on a Brigantine.

Kraken Ship Set on a Sloop.

Set Components[]

Clothing Items[]

  • Total Cost: 51,400 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Kraken Belt.png
Kraken Belt 2,700 Gold n/a Belt "Marked with a Kraken eye, this belt is for a master of monsters."
Kraken Boots.png
Kraken Boots 2,700 Gold n/a Boots "You should look the part when you're dragged overboard by a sea creature."
Kraken Dress.png
Kraken Dress 10,800 Gold n/a Dress "Recreating the embrace of the Kraken, another take on the idea of a 'figure-hugging' dress."
Kraken Gloves.png
Kraken Gloves 2,700 Gold n/a Gloves "Gloves that are fit for wrangling a slippery tentacle!"
Kraken Hat.png
Kraken Hat 13,600 Gold n/a Hat "The hat of a pirate who isn't afraid of what lies beneath the waves."
Kraken Jacket.png
Kraken Jacket 13,500 Gold n/a Jacket "This Kraken jacket captures the power and mystery of everyone's favourite ship-squasher."
Kraken Trousers.png
Kraken Trousers 5,400 Gold n/a Bottoms "Kraken trousers! No longer just a tavern insult."

Vanity Items[]

  • Total Cost: 76,700 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Kraken Beard.png
Kraken Beard 27,200 Gold
Beard "The beard of a pirate who fears no sea monster - until a tentacle grabs hold of it."
Kraken Eyepatch.png
Kraken Eyepatch 6,100 Gold n/a Eyepatch "Nothing below the waves scares you; not while you've still got one good eye."
Kraken Hair.png
Kraken Hair 27,200 Gold
Hair "Like the great Kraken, your hair is a tangled mass of grasping arms. No, wait, it's a compliment!"
Kraken Hook.png
Kraken Hook 8,100 Gold n/a Hook "This hook looks wicked enough to catch a Kraken... but if you're that close, it's already too late."
Kraken Pegleg.png
Kraken Pegleg 8,100 Gold n/a Pegleg "This eerie peg-leg is wrapped in the Kraken's embrace, a reminder of the perils of the deep."

Equipment Items[]

  • Total Cost: 52,690 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Kraken Banjo.png
Kraken Banjo 4,950 Gold n/a Banjo "For Kraken vanquishers who also enjoy some rustic tunes, obviously."
Kraken Bucket.png
Kraken Bucket 2,650 Gold n/a Bucket "Bailing won't save you from the clutches of the dreaded Kraken."
Kraken Compass.png
Kraken Compass 3,950 Gold n/a Compass "Find your way home, safe from Kraken attacks. If you're lucky."
Kraken Concertina.png
Kraken Concertina 4,000 Gold n/a Concertina "Somewhat creepy-looking, this concertina seems to sing to creatures of the deep."
Kraken Drum.png
Kraken Drum 4,950 Gold n/a Drum "This sea-monster inspired drum would surely appeal to a certain 'Merry' Merrick..."
Kraken Fishing Rod.png
Kraken Fishing Rod 9,140 Gold Hunter of Stormfishes title Fishing Rod "Not tempting fate at all, nope, not one bit, you choose a fishing rod that looks like a Kraken."
Kraken Hurdy-Gurdy.png
Kraken Hurdy-Gurdy 4,000 Gold n/a Hurdy-Gurdy "Play a tune on your Kraken hurdy, while being reminded not to get complacent on the Sea of Thieves."
Kraken Lantern.png
Kraken Lantern 2,650 Gold n/a Lantern "A lantern made from a real Kraken's eye, or so you tell the new pirates..."
Kraken Pocket Watch.png
Kraken Pocket Watch 3,950 Gold n/a Pocket Watch "Every second counts when the Kraken sizes your ship!"
Kraken Shovel.png
Kraken Shovel 2,600 Gold n/a Shovel "What better for digging up treasure over on Kraken's Fall?"
Kraken Speaking Trumpet.png
Kraken Speaking Trumpet 3,250 Gold n/a Speaking Trumpet "Be heard even over the chaos of a Kraken attack with this creepy trumpet."
Kraken Spyglass.png
Kraken Spyglass 5,350 Gold n/a Spyglass "Watch the waves for tell-tale signs of a Kraken!"
Kraken Tankard.png
Kraken Tankard 1,250 Gold n/a Tankard "Drink a grog to celebrate defeating the dreaded Kraken, making sure to spread your legend."


  • Total Cost: 50,100 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Kraken Blunderbuss.png
Kraken Blunderbuss 13,400 Gold n/a Blunderbuss "This blunderbuss promises to spit lead as effectively as a Kraken spits out chewed pirates."
Kraken Cutlass.png
Kraken Cutlass 9,900 Gold n/a Cutlass "Adorned with a Kraken eye, this blade seems to stare into your foe's soul as it takes it."
Kraken Eye of Reach.png
Kraken Eye of Reach 13,400 Gold n/a Eye of Reach "With a reach as long as a Kraken's tentacle, this gun is a menance to pirates and sea monsters alike."
Kraken Flintlock Pistol.png
Kraken Flintlock Pistol 13,400 Gold n/a Pistol "A wicked Kraken flintlock, sure to invoke the same sense of impending death as the beast itself."

Ship Components[]

  • Total Cost: 419,800 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Kraken Cannons.png
Kraken Cannons 69,550 Gold Legendary Kraken Hunter commendation Cannons "Give sea monsters you encounter a blast from these Kraken cannons, just to rub salt in the wound!"
Kraken Capstan.png
Kraken Capstan 69,550 Gold Kraken Hunter commendation Capstan "A capstan as pointy and dangerous as the Kraken itself!"
Kraken Figurehead.png
Kraken Figurehead 69,550 Gold n/a Figurehead "This figurehead celebrates the leviathans of the deep, alien and deadly."
Kraken Flag.png
Kraken Flag 2,500 Gold n/a Flags "All hail your Kraken-conquering crew."
Kraken Hull.png
Kraken Hull 69,550 Gold n/a Hull "Your ship's bound to get Kraken all over it sooner or later, anyway."
Kraken Sails.png
Kraken Sails 69,550 Gold n/a Sails "A Kraken on your sails, because your ship is the real sea monster..."
Kraken Wheel.png
Kraken Wheel 69,550 Gold Master Kraken Hunter commendation Wheel "This wheel always seems to steer you towards clashes with epic sea beasties..."

Ship Decorations[]

  • Total Cost: 1,251,900 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Kraken Captain's Bed 139,100 Gold n/a Captain's Bed "Krakens can sleep for years at a time. In this comfortable bed, you might just do the same."
Kraken Captain's Chair 208,650 Gold n/a Captain's Chair "A Kraken-coloured chair that's perfect to sink into after an exhausting battle with the real thing."
Kraken Captain's Chandelier 208,650 Gold n/a Captain's Chandelier "So sturdy, not even a Kraken's tentacles can shake this chandelier loose."
Kraken Captain's Curtains 208,650 Gold n/a Captain's Curtains "They may be colourful, but these curtains won't keep the Kraken away. That's what cannons are for."
Kraken Captain's Drapes 139,100 Gold n/a Captain's Drapes "Kraken drapes - much nicer than an actual Kraken draping itself over your vessel."
Kraken Captain's Rugs 139,100 Gold n/a Captain's Rugs "Soaked in a special brine, this rug is guaranteed Kraken-proof. Shame about the rest of the ship."
Kraken Captain's Table 208,650 Gold n/a Captain's Table

Pet Outfits[]

  • Total Cost: 2,988 Ancient Coins
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Alsatian Kraken Outfit.png
Alsatian Kraken Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "Your Alsatian is the perfect guard dog against the toughest of sea monsters!"
Barbary Kraken Outfit.png
Barbary Kraken Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "The Kraken look is perfect for pets that belong to a monster-slaying pirate."
Capuchin Kraken Outfit.png
Capuchin Kraken Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "Make your Capuchin a little larger than life with this outfit styled after the famous Kraken."
Cockatoo Kraken Outfit.png
Cockatoo Kraken Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "Give your Cockatoo a little dash of 'terrifying sea monster', just to really confuse people."
Inu Kraken Outfit.png
Inu Kraken Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "A tough, Kraken-inspired outfit with only a hint of wet dog smell."
Macaw Kraken Outfit.png
Macaw Kraken Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "This Kraken-inspired outfit gives your Macaw a menacing monster style."
Marmoset Kraken Outfit.png
Marmoset Kraken Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "When dressed like a Kraken, your Marmoset will feel big, bad and probably a bit slimy."
Mau Kraken Outfit.png
Mau Kraken Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "Now that's a Mau that has tussled with a tentacle before!"
Parakeet Kraken Outfit.png
Parakeet Kraken Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "Put your Parakeet in a Kraken outfit, take it to the vet and enjoy their surprise."
Ragamuffin Kraken Outfit.png
Ragamuffin Kraken Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "Now that's a rough-and-ready Ragamuffin out for an adventure!"
Whippet Kraken Outfit.png
Whippet Kraken Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "This peg-legged Whippet outfit expresses a hunger for both revenge and Kraken meat."
Wildcat Kraken Outfit.png
Wildcat Kraken Outfit 249 Ancient Coins n/a Pet Outfit "Now your Wildcat can match your style when you're out for Kraken blood!"


Patch history[]

  • 2.6.0
    • Added the Kraken Bed, Captain Table, Chair, Chandelier, Curtains, Drapes, Rugs, and Table.
  • 1.3.0
    • Added the Kraken clothing, vanity, equipment, hull, flag, sails, and figurehead to their respective shops.