Sea of Thieves Wiki
Type Bait
Location Barrels

Leeches are a type of Bait that are used to catch specific types of Fish in the Sea of Thieves. Leeches can be eaten for a 5% health regain, however eating leeches will make the player throw up.


A player can carry a maximum of 10 pieces of bait in their Inventory, however an extra piece of bait can be carried on the Fishing Rod. This means that one can carry a maximum of 11 pieces of Leeches at one time.

Leeches can be stored in a Ship's Food Barrel (100 per one storage space; a maximum of 4800) and a Rowboat's Storage Chest (20 per one storage space; a maximum of 640)


Leeches can be used to catch Ancientscales at The Ancient Isles and Stormfish in Storms, however Splashtails, Islehoppers and Pondies are also attracted to leeches despite needing no bait to catch.

Where to Find[]