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Legacy of Golden Sands Sails
Legacy of Golden Sands Sails.png
Type Sails
Set Standalone Cosmetics

The Legacy of Golden Sands Sails is a Sails cosmetic variant from the Standalone Cosmetics Set.


The Legacy of Golden Sands Sails can be obtained by the following methods:

  • Earned by linking your Twitter account to Sea of Thieves' Social Swag website and posting a tweet containing either #SaveGoldenSands or #RuinGoldenSands hastags by 9am UTC on June 9th 2022.[1]

In-game description

"Awarded to pirates who helped decide the ultimate fate of Golden Sands Outpost. The legend lives on...."


  • When the announcement for the Sails was first made on Sea of Thieves' social media accounts, the accompanying image displaying the sails on a galleon showed the ship's crest with the text, "SHIP". The announcement was later removed and replaced using an image without the ship crest text, but with several new blocks of text that read, "Zoom out" and "No mystery clues here" to the left and right sides of the crest, and "It's a Bank Holiday" on the hull near the plank.



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