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Legendary Louise
Legendary Louise.png
Type NPC
Location Athena's Fortune Hideout
Company Athena's Fortune icon.png Athena's Fortune

Legendary Louise is the Tavernkeep at the Athena's Fortune tavern in the Athena's Fortune Hideout.

Louise is one of the immortal spirits found in Athena's Fortune. She has tended the bar for so long that she's lost touch with mortal frames of reference, leading her to question the age of every Pirate Legend who enters.

Despite asking for ID and not receiving any, Legendary Louise will still serve any Pirate Legend a grog when asked.

If pressed, Louise will lament over an eternal thirst for grog, as her immortality comes at the cost of the mortal pleasures of inebriation.


After 2.3.0

Dialogue icon.png

Here for a grog? You look a little young to me, but his Lordship knows best, I suppose...

I'm not young, Louise!

No? Let's have have a closer look at you... Hmm. Well, if you say so. You forget about growing old, when you're a ghost.
They say even his Lordship was a spring chicken when he discovered the Sea of Thieves, and that was years ago.
I can't keep up with half the pirates we have in here nowadays and their strange ideas.
One of them even asked me if they could ice and lemon in their grog! They'll be wanting little umbrellas next.
And before you ask - no, I don't serve food either. And if I did, it would be on a good old-fashioned plate!

Can I ask how you died?

You can ask. Doesn't mean I have to answer, does it?
What you should be asking is, why didn't I catch a ride on the Ferry of the Damned and come back?
And to that I say - I never got the chance! Maybe I handled a new cursed coins while tending my old tavern.
It's a good thing his Lordship offered me a job down here. I don't mind being a ghost - it's being out of work I can't stand!

A Tavern of Legends? You must have some famous customers!

Yeah! None more famous than his Lordship, but we do get some notoriously noteworthy types now and then.
There's old Grogg Mayles, Bosun Bill... or am I getting confused with what the band's been playing? Hmm.
Well, it doesn't matter. Make your mark as a Pirate Legend, and before long folks'll be asking me if I've ever met YOU!

Before 2.3.0

Dialogue icon.png

Are you sure you're old enough at my bar? I'm Louise and I run a shipshape tavern down here.

I'd like a grog please, Louise. Hey, that rhymes!

Would you now?
You don't look old enough to be drinking grog. Are you here with your parents?
Take my advice, youngster. Stay away from this pirate legend business, it has ruined many a fine pirate!

You must have some legendary tales about what goes on in here!

It's a lot quieter than you might think.
We ghostly immortals are cruelly immune to the wonderful effects of grog.
Sometimes a passing legend is foolish enough to challenge us to a drinking contest, but they only do that once.
Now, let me see your ID or I'll have to ask you to leave.

You don't seem particularly happy about serving all these legends.

They have what I cannot, the simple pleasures of grog.
From the delicious first sip that brings a warm buzz and the promise of tipsy rapport.
Then the blossoming hunger, fed only by the finest salted nibbles a tavern has to offer.
Finally a cannonball pounding your head and a mouth like a bilge.
Oh grog, my long lost friend...

Voice lines[]

Player Interaction

• How old are you?
• I'll only serve you this once.
• Can I see some ID please?

Player Leaving

• Go get yourself a nice jacket.
• I want to see that hair brushed.
• Smartern your boots up next time.

Patch history[]

  • 2.3.0 (September 23, 2021)
    • Added new dialogue.
  • 1.0.8 (May 23, 2018)
    • Updated Voice Lines - Legendary Tavernkeeper Louise now has new ghostly-sounding voice lines.
    • The legendary Tavernkeeper was loading the wrong text loadout – the correct text loadout has been rebound to the NPC.