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Disambig.png This article is about the Bilge Rat Adventure. For the Content Update, see Legends of the Sea (Content Update).
Legends of the Sea
Legends of the Sea.jpg
Type Bilge Rat Adventure
Location Lagoon of Whispers
Help Umbra chronicle an ever-growing list of legends - pirates just like you who left their mark on the Sea of Thieves.

Legends of the Sea is the name of a Bilge Rat Adventure released as part of the January 2020 Legends of the Seas update for Sea of Thieves. The Adventure takes Players to Lagoon of Whispers where Umbra has set camp and is collecting Tales of Legendary Adventurers, that are immortalised all over The Sea of Thieves, in exchange for unique Tattoos in honour of these legends.


Umbra has appeared in The Sea of Thieves on Lagoon of Whispers, chronicling stories of various Legendary Player Pirates to have left their marks here. With the Legends of the Sea (Content Update), every major Easter Egg in Sea of Thieves has been made interactive. Once inspected, they provide the story behind these in-game immortalisations along with Commendations, which unlock various unique themed Tattoos for purchase from Umbra. The locations of the Easter Eggs are hinted at in the Legends of the Sea tab under the Bilge Rats Commendation menu. Additionally, Umbra has left 10 Journals all across The Sea of Thieves documenting the changes to Sea of Thieves in past Bilge Rat Adventures.


Lagoon of Whispers Journals[]

There are three Journals on Lagoon of Whispers written by Umbra that tell of her story and motivations. Note that these Journals have no Commendations tied to them, they just provide background to how Umbra made it to The Sea of Thieves.

Dialogue icon.png

There is a journal here, hand-written in a hasty fashion.


I've been captured by pirates... again! Just my luck. I overheard the crew discussing their plans, looks like I'm heading back to the Sea of Thieves. I must embrace the path that destiny has put before me. I'll let these fools navigate the Shroud, then I'll escape once we're safe. Second time I've been caught by pirates and dragged here... perhaps I'm where I'm meant to be.

Dialogue icon.png

This journal is written in a steady hand, by someone taking their time.


Now that I've set up camp, this place feels more like home. But, if I'm going to stay, I'll need to go and get more supplies. I'll go soon. Listening to my captors' tales of legendary deeds has got me more intrigued. I'd love to document the weird and wonderful people who live here! I should research these legends. But first, I will record the full tale of my arrival. Fortunately, running out of paper is no problem for me...

Dialogue icon.png

This journal talks about a daring escape.


Notes for my life story: Once through the Devil's Shroud, I waited until the crew had drunk themselves silly in celebration. I escaped the brig by regaling my jailor with one of my most exciting stories. Once he came closer, he was already done for! I snuck onto a rowboat and made it here. As I rowed away, I noticed that the Shroud ate a huge hole in their ship. I doubt I'll see them again.

Legends of the Sea Journals[]

There are 10 numbered Journals written by Umbra hidden in specific locations related to past Content Updates, chronicling the changes made by those events. These books have Commendations tied to them, rewarding Doubloons upon first reading them.

Find Umbra's book on Devil's Ridge, overlooking the sea. The Journal is on a southern rock formation.

Dialogue icon.png

This book is about the arrival of The Hungering One... signed by ‘Umbra’.


After asking Merrick himself, deciphering his drunken journals and speaking to pirates who were there, I believe this is it.
This is where they used Merrick’s accidental enchanted Shanty to summon forth the first Megalodon - The Hungering One!
Those pirates avenged poor Merrick’s crew, not to mention his legs. But now all of the ancient, deep sharks have awoken...

Legends of the Sea I.png

Find Umbra's book on Crescent Isle, where Salty once rested. It is near the southern cave entrance, found in a broken barrel.

Dialogue icon.png

This book is about the origins of The Warsmith… signed by ‘Umbra’


I met Salty - a genuine skeletal parrot! He was once a man, but was changed when creating Cursed Cannonballs from one of Flameheart’s Cannons.
His partner in alchemy was the weaponsmith, Wanda, who forced him to take the brunt of the curse. But she did not escape unscathed.
Flameheart’s hatred fed her own, until she became the twisted Skeleton Captain, ‘The Warsmith’. She waged a failed war on the Outposts.

Legends of the Sea II.png

Find Umbra's book on The Devil's Thirst, at a small camp. The Journal is in the turned over ship’s hull, right below an Ammo Chest.

Dialogue icon.png

This book is about the fate of the Forsaken Shores Alliance... signed by ‘Umbra’.


When Grace Morrow and Stitcher Jim joined their crews to form The Forsaken Alliance, they travelled to places few pirates had seen.
They even reached The Devil’s Roar thanks to the Shroudbreaker, but Stitcher Jim was secretly seeking power for his then-master, the Gold Hoarder.
He betrayed and killed all of them but Captain Morrow, who survived her poisoning but was trapped in the Roar. A dark tale indeed.

Legends of the Sea III.png

Find Umbra's book on The Crooked Masts, under a beacon's light. On the platform by the Festival of the Damned Beacon atop The Crooked Masts, can only be reached via shooting yourself with the Ship's Cannons.

Dialogue icon.png

This book is about the Festival of the Damned… signed by ‘Umbra’.


This was no easy spot to reach! During the Festival of the Damned, pirates would light these Beacons with various coloured flames.
How incredible that the Ferryman allowed access to the Flames of Fate, which change to reflect how a pirate dies.
I’d like to learn more about them… but I’m not rushing to the Ferry of the Damned. What if I don’t come back? A chilling prospect.

Legends of the Sea IV.png

Find Umbra's book on Kraken's Fall, near a camp to the east (South of the large camp) and the remains of a Kraken. Inside a Kraken’s vertebrae close to the NPC camp.

Dialogue icon.png

This book is about the hunting of Krakens… signed by ‘Umbra’.


The Fogs on the Sea of Thieves are heavy, but were especially bad during a certain year. They seemed to stir up the Krakens and Sharks.
Perhaps those creatures just saw a chance to prey on lost ships, but the tables soon turned as pirates realised something...
Many Krakens and Megalodons eat up valuable loot from the ships they sink. Suddenly, hunting them for goodies became a tempting prospect!

Legends of the Sea V.png

Find Umbra's book in the Pirate Legend Hideout, safely shelved away.

Dialogue icon.png

This book is about a man named 'Ramsey' and the Gold Hoarder... signed by 'Umbra'.


It seems that the feared Gold Hoarder, a great Skeleton Lord who amassed great wealth through the Gold Hoarders Company, was recently defeated.
Many pirates travelled far and braved terrible traps, Skeleton Lords and more to rebuild the Shroudbreaker and reach his island.
The Hoarder was once a man, until his greed took over. His friend Ramsey was forced to turn his back on him. Could Ramsey in fact be...?

Legends of the Sea VI.png

Find Umbra's book on Hidden Spring Keep, overlooking the fort. Atop the southern climbable watchtower.

Dialogue icon.png

This book is about Duke selling gunpowder to the Trading Companies… signed by ‘Umbra’.


The skeletons once began hoarding huge amount of Gunpowder, known since as ‘Black Powder Stashes’.
The Trading Companies didn’t like that, so Duke of the Bilge Rats saw a chance to make the seas safer while also making a lot of gold.
It seems this was Duke’s first step towards acquiring the connections and capital needed to launch the Black Market.

Legends of the Sea VII.png

Find Umbra's book on Shipwreck Bay, tucked away inside a wreck. Inside the Blackwyche’s Captain’s Quarters, below the cornered armchair.

Dialogue icon.png

This book is about the theft of the Dark Relics… signed by ‘Umbra’.


I have found some strange artefacts, which I believe to be what the Order of Souls calls ‘Dark Relics’.
Many of these arcane objects were stolen from them in an organised effort by the Skeletons, though Duke was able to retrieve many.
The Dark Relics were later used for terrible deeds, opening windows to other worlds and dispelling powerful curses!

Legends of the Sea VIII.png

Find Umbra's book at The Wild Treasures Store, a Seapost out in The Wilds. The journal is under the hammock.

Dialogue icon.png

This book is about Duke’s business and the arrival of the Emporium… signed by ‘Umbra’


I’ve come across strange activity by Duke. It seems he got much of his Black Market stock from these accursed Reaper’s Chests.
The things he couldn’t use - piles of bones, mostly - he sold on as Rag and Bone Crates. Strange what people will do to make their way.
These Pirate Emporium folks, for example. Once Gold Hoarders, now working for some outsider. But such delightful pets they sell!

Legends of the Sea IX.png

Find Umbra's book in the Fort of the Damned, discussing the supernatural. On the western climbable watchtower by the Fortress structure.

Dialogue icon.png

This book is about the appearance of the Fort of the Damned... signed by 'Umbra'.


Stitcher Jim believes that the appearance of the Fort of the Damned is the result of a ritual using the stolen Dark Relics.
Pirates have found that the coloured Flames of Fate can be used to 'wave' the twisted Fort and repel the skeletons seeking to use it.
But what's really going on? Such determination to get into our world... but are we stopping them or helping them by waking the Fort?!

Legends of the Sea X.png

The Legend of Glitterbeard Journals[]

Easter Eggs[]

Main article: Easter Eggs

The Easter Eggs are categorised into 10 groups, each group consisting of 5 stories of Legendary Pirates from across The Sea of Thieves. Upon interacting with these Easter Eggs, player will receive Commendations and can unlock special Tattoos for purchase from Umbra.

For a list of all the immortalisations, see Easter Eggs.

For a map of all the Easter Egg locations, players can visit the RareThief Interactive Sea of Thieves Map and check the boxes under Legends of the Sea.


After completing all the Commendations in each group of Easter Eggs, players will unlock unique themed Tattoo sets for purchase from Umbra:

133,650 Gold Total


The following are all the Commendations related to Legends of the Sea:

Legends of the Sea Books:

The Sea's Most Wanted:

  • The Fox in the Snake → Have a drink in the tavern at Dagger Tooth and you're sure to learn of this deadly pirate. | Doubloon.png
  • Missing, Presumed Pirating → Near the central rock of Lone Cove, a poster remains for a missing pirate. | Doubloon.png
  • Self-Promoting Pistol Pirate → Dagger Tooth is known for deadly criminals, as a poster on the water tower suggests. | Doubloon.png
  • Join the Club → On Mermaid's Hideaway, a popular pirate created a social spot overlooking the sea. | Doubloon.png
  • Nice to be Wanted → A popular pirate took refuge near some building remains, on an island in the Shores of Plenty. | Doubloon.png
  • The Sea's Most Wanted → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | 25 Doubloon.png

The Daredevils:

  • Sleeping with the Fishes → They say a pirate met his fate on the shores of Mermaid's Hideaway. | Doubloon.png
  • Aim High → On Plunder Outpost, a pirate who liked high places came to rest in a hard-to-reach spot. | Doubloon.png
  • ...And Not a Drop Spilled → The tavern at Ancient Spire Outpost has an unusual sign dedicated to an unusual pirate. | Doubloon.png
  • Not All Falcons Fly → On Shipwreck Bay, they say a pirate's bones can be found beside a legendary shipwreck. | Doubloon.png
  • Run Aground → On Salty Sands, a moment when shark triumphed over pirate was captured in art. | Doubloon.png
  • The Daredevils → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | 25 Doubloon.png

The Loveable Rogues:

  • Not Just For Sweeping → There must be a story behind this unusual tavern sign on Sanctuary Outpost. | Doubloon.png
  • Bound by a Book → On Smuggler's Bay, in a dark cave, a talented pair left one of their legendary creations. | Doubloon.png
  • Snake Charmer → A famous reptile lover spends their time on an appropriately named island, atop a central shine. | Doubloon.png
  • Dog Days → There is a hidden camp on Mermaid's Hideaway, made by a popular pirate. | Doubloon.png
  • Pirate Port Pals → Two talkative pirates left their tankards on an Outpost made of golden sand, a perfect spot to chat. | Doubloon.png
  • The Loveable Rogues → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | 25 Doubloon.png

The Insatiable:

  • Death by Banana → This pirate lost their way on the beach of Marauder's Arch, and tried to survive on just bananas... | Doubloon.png
  • ZZ Marks the Spot → A tavern regular at Plunder Outpost became part of the furniture. | Doubloon.png
  • Going Bananas → Word tells of an unusual barrel on Sanctuary Outpost, near the water tower. | Doubloon.png
  • Famously Frugal → In Lost Gold Fort in The Ancient Isles, a list honours the greediest of pirates... | Doubloon.png
  • A Hairy Legacy → Show Umbra the Legacy Beard by speaking to her while wearing it. | Doubloon.png
  • The Insatiable → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | 25 Doubloon.png

The Swashbucklers:

  • Wide of the Mark → A pirate with dubious aim left an unmarked target atop Smuggler's Bay. | Doubloon.png
  • Precision Pirating → The Weaponsmith's shop on Galleon's Grave boasts a famous patron. | Doubloon.png
  • Legendary Larceny → On Smuggler's Bay lived a pirate famed for his stolen hoard. He left a mark on the Southwest Beach. | Doubloon.png
  • Buckets of Fun → Umbra heard that on Sanctuary Outpost, a tireless worker’s bucket was proudly hung on display. | Doubloon.png
  • A Venomous Attack → They say that Shark Fin Camp was once defeated by very unusual means. | Doubloon.png
  • The Swashbucklers → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | 25 Doubloon.png

The Artistic Souls:

  • A Musical Family → Ancient Spire Outpost played host to a kind and gifted musician, who later sold her instrument. | Doubloon.png
  • Still Life → Sanctuary Outpost is a beautiful place. Rumour has it the tavern hosts some legendary art. | Doubloon.png
  • Dressed to Impress → In the tavern at Ancient Spire Outpost, there is a painting of four very fancy pirates. | Doubloon.png
  • Through The Eyes of a Child → A young cartographer was known to hone their skills at a camp on Smuggler's Bay. | Doubloon.png
  • Pirates in Portrait → On Sailor's Bounty, a set of portraits by a talented pirate await delivery. | Doubloon.png
  • The Artistic Souls → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | 25 Doubloon.png

The Piratical Jokers:

  • Merrick Roll → Rumours speak of an odd book left at The Reaper's Hideout... could be a dangerous campsite to visit. | Doubloon.png
  • Killer Qualifications → On Golden Sands, filling your crew is easy when the pirates advertise in the tavern. | Doubloon.png
  • Dances with Chickens → Rumour has it that a strange scene was painted on a large rock on Chicken Isle. | Doubloon.png
  • Familial Resemblance → They say that where Merrick once camped on Shark Bait Cove, his son now displays a portrait. | Doubloon.png
  • Purply Pretty → Show Umbra the Amethyst Angel hair dye by speaking to her while wearing it. | Doubloon.png
  • The Piratical Jokers → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | 25 Doubloon.png

The Pirate Scribes:

  • One Cross Pirate → Rumour says that there's a lot of undelivered mail left in some rubble on Sanctuary Outpost. | Doubloon.png
  • Points of Contention → Over at Golden Sands, Umbra heard of a pirate who loved to write down their thoughts. | Doubloon.png
  • Helping Hands → Five names are scratched into a rock on Cannon Cove, found by walking inland from the dock. | Doubloon.png
  • See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil → On Sanctuary Outpost, this flag was raised whenever a pirate stepped out of line. | Doubloon.png
  • Scruffy Scribe → A poetic pirate left a scruffy book inside a cave at Shark Bait Cove, beside a shrine. | Doubloon.png
  • The Pirate Scribes → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | 25 Doubloon.png

The Gift Givers:

  • Delicious Delivery → They say that an unusual merchant delivery ended up on the docks at Morrow's Peak. | Doubloon.png
  • May Contain Boom → A pirate once made quite the bang over at Golden Sands, somewhere behind the shops... | Doubloon.png
  • Big Love in a Small Package → A parcel and hat on the dock at Galleon's Grave suggest that the Wilds may be civilised after all. | Doubloon.png
  • Putting the Ship in Friendship → At The Finest Trading Post is a fine work of craftswomanship. | Doubloon.png
  • Charitable Pirating → Show Umbra the Stream Sailor makeup by speaking to her while wearing it. | Doubloon.png
  • The Gift Givers → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | 25 Doubloon.png

The Early Settlers:

  • Who's a Good Boy? → On Galleon's Grave, high up on the wreck, there lived a dog of legendary adorableness. | Doubloon.png
  • Fool's Gold → On Cannon Cove, a pirate once thought outside the barrel when it came to making money. | Doubloon.png
  • Nesting Spot → High as a Crow's Nest, at Crow's Nest Fortress... | Doubloon.png
  • Hallowed Ground → Stories abound of a pirate brazen enough to deface even the Ferry of the Damned! | Doubloon.png
  • Pirate Leg End → Show Umbra the Sea Dog Pegleg by speaking to her while wearing it. | Doubloon.png
  • The Early Settlers → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | 25 Doubloon.png

- - -