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Legends of the Sea
Legends of the Sea 2.jpg
Type Content Update
Patch 2.0.11
Duration January 15th, 2020 - February 19th, 2020
Update Chronology
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Festival of Giving Crews of Rage (Content Update)
This latest treasure trove of activities and changes is an ode to the wonderful community that’s built up around Sea of Thieves since launch and the stories that it’s birthed.
— Rare

Legends of the Sea is the name of the January 2020 Monthly Content Update for Sea of Thieves, released on January 15th and lasting until February 2020. The Legends of the Sea Content Update was preceded by the December Festival of Giving Content Update and the February Crews of Rage (Content Update).

New Features[]

Umbra’s Legends of the Sea[]

Main article: Legends of the Sea

Umbra has begun compiling a list of rumours and tales of legendary pirates, and now tasks players with unravelling their secrets. A new collection in the Bilge Rats Reputation tab has been added for Legends of the Sea – follow the clues and uncover the locations spread across the Sea of Thieves.

Along with tales of legendary pirates, Umbra has also begun chronicling tales from the storied past of the Sea of Thieves. Revisit locations from historical events to unlock this ever-growing legacy!

Each legendary mark on the world has been catalogued into collections, with Commendations to earn for each story. Uncover stories from ‘The Sea’s Most Wanted’, The Daredevils’, ‘The Loveable Rogues’, ‘The Insatiable’, ‘The Swashbucklers’, ‘The Artistic Souls’, ‘The Piratical Jokers’, ‘The Pirate Scribes’, ‘The Gift Givers’ and the ‘The Early Settlers’ to unlock Doubloon rewards and new tattoos themed to each collection, available from Umbra once unlocked!

Gilded Gift Voyages[]

Main article: Gilded Voyage

Duke is now offering a free Gilded Voyage which will earn pirates a range of high-value rewards, and even the allure of double rewards should they venture to The Reaper’s Hideout and cash them in with the Masked Stranger.

Every player can get just one Gilded Voyage from Duke at any Tavern for free during the Content Update:

The Reaper’s Hideout Changes[]

Duke warns players he is no longer accepting Reaper’s Chests and directs players to deliver them to the Masked Stranger at The Reaper's Hideout. Due to the enhanced threat when delivering to this new location, pirates will now be rewarded with more Doubloons for each chest! Pirates can also now sell Captain’s Chests, Villainous Bounty Skulls, Crates of Exotic Silk, Chests of Legends and even Ashen Chests of Legends to the Masked Stranger at The Reaper's Hideout for double Gold!

New items[]

Tomes of Fire[]

Main article: Ashen Tomes

Duke has heard rumours of a new volume of Tomes appearing across the seas: the Tomes of Fire. With new Commendations and Ashen Cosmetics to earn, seek out Ashen Chests and Ashen Keys to unlock the rewards held inside!

Reaper’s Bounty Chest[]

There have recently been sightings of new glittering pillars of light reaching skyward. Upon reaching the source, pirates can pick up a Reaper’s Bounty! This acts like a Reaper’s Chest, but cashing it in to the Masked Stranger at The Reaper's Hideout will reward players with 25,000 Gold

Umbra’s Tattoos[]

Each legendary mark on the world has been catalogued into collections, with Commendations to earn for each story. Uncover stories from ‘The Sea’s Most Wanted’, The Daredevils’, ‘The Loveable Rogues’, ‘The Insatiable’, ‘The Swashbucklers’, ‘The Artistic Souls’, ‘The Piratical Jokers’, ‘The Pirate Scribes’, ‘The Gift Givers’ and the ‘The Early Settlers’ to unlock Doubloon rewards and new Tattoos themed to each collection, available from Umbra once unlocked!

Totalling 133,650 Gold

New Clothing items[]

The Outpost Clothing Stores now stock a range of new clothing styles providing a scrappier pirate style! With new hats, shirts, jackets, gloves, belts and shoes, there’s surely something to catch your eye! Keen-eyed pirates will also notice the introduction of some previously seen cosmetics from legacy game footage! Following the previous release of more feminine clothing options, new colour variants have now been released for you to mix and match!

Players will have to put aside 196,740 Gold to buy all the new Clothing items.

Totalling 40,620 Gold

Totalling 75,600 Gold

Totalling 25,920 Gold

Totalling 13,650 Gold

Totalling 13,650 Gold

Totalling 8,190 Gold

Totalling 5,460 Gold

Totalling 13,650 Gold

New Ashen Dragon Cosmetics[]

Six new Ashen Dragon Set items are available in return for delivering all five Tomes of Fire to the Bilge Rats

Totalling ‬ 34,550 Gold

New Black Market Items[]

Main article: Black Market

Stitcher Jim may have vanished, but don’t worry: Duke’s back to pick up his Black Market enterprise where he left off and continue supplying it with new items! Note that all the following items are at a discounted Price for the duration of the Content Update.

Desirables for Doubloons[]

This month, players will have to put aside 680 Doubloons if they want to buy all the new items from the Black Market.

Aristocrat Ship Cosmetics[]

Introducing the complete Aristocrat Ship Set. This includes the Aristocrat Hull, Sails, Flag, Wheel, Capstan, Cannons and Figurehead, all available for Doubloons.

Totalling 385‬ Doubloons

Aristocrat Weapons[]

Following this elegant Ship Set, players can also pick up the Aristocrat Weapon Set comprising the Aristocrat Cutlass, Flintlock, Eye of Reach and Blunderbuss, all available for Doubloons.

Totalling 205 Doubloons

Mercenary Instruments[]

Continuing the quest to complete unfinished sets, Duke is making the Mercenary Instruments available for Doubloons this month: that’s the Mercenary Concertina, Hurdy-Gurdy, Drum and Banjo!

Totalling 90 Doubloons

Goodies for Gold[]

This month, players will have to put aside 633,515‬ Gold to buy everything new from the Black Market.

Crimson Corsair Clothing Items[]

For pirates looking for a more rustic appearance, this month offers a twist on the Corsair Sea Dog Clothing Set. The full Crimson Corsair Sea Dog Clothing Set can be acquired in exchange for gold!

Totalling 266,980‬ Gold

Nightshine Parrot Weapons[]

How about something for your gold? This month brings the introduction of the Nightshine Parrot set, starting with the weapons. Players can purchase the Nightshine Cutlass, Flintlock, Eye of Reach and Blunderbuss.

Totalling 238,620 Gold

Nightshine Parrot Clothing[]

More Nightshine Parrot goods! Continuing with the theme, this month players can purchase the Nightshine Parrot Jacket, Dress and Hat.

Totalling 127,915 Gold

New Emporium items[]

Counting Bundles, players will have to put aside a total of ‬‬8,236 Ancient Coins to purchase everything added to the Emporium (Note that Pet Outfits can only be purchased if the Player already owns the specific Pets).

Seasonal items[]

Celebrate the new year with the Lunar Festival! The Pirate Emporium is putting out a range of seasonal options, so pick up a Festival Dragon outfit for your pets and themed equipment.

Lunar Festival Item Bundle[]

Lunar Festival Pet Outfits[]

Totalling 1,494 Ancient Coins

Lunar Festival Macaw Bundle[]

Lunar Festival Capuchin Bundle[]

Time-Limited Bundles[]

Parakeet Kraken Bundle[]

Capuchin Kraken Bundle[]

Macaw Kraken Bundle[]

Marmoset Kraken Bundle[]

Cockatoo Kraken Bundle[]

New Emotes[]

Have you always wanted to dance the night away with your loyal monkey companion, but never felt truly synchronised? Mimic your simian friend with this Monkey Dance!

Romantic Emote Bundle[]

Are you ready? Are you ready for ROMANCE? The Romance Emote Bundle offers four love-themed emotes for you to woo your crewmates.

Gold Hoarder Emote Bundle[]

Express yourself like a true Gold Hoarder with a range of themed emotes. Rub your hands with glee as your crew bring aboard treasure, or conjure a coin out of thin air!

Sovereign Emote Bundle[]

Bring some decorum back to the seas with the Sovereign Emote Bundle, a fresh set of core emotes, and sail with distinction!

Elemental Power Ship Collection[]

Main article: Elemental Power Set

Harness the power of the elements as you dazzle other crews and strike fear into the hearts of even the most fearsome giant Trolls. Representing Kameo: Elements of Power, the Pirate Emporium now offers the Elemental Power Ship Collection. An Elemental Power Ship Bundle is also on offer which includes all the regular ship cosmetics at a magical discount!

Elemental Power Ship Bundle[]

Kameo fans! This bundle contains the full Elemental Power Ship set, excluding Collector’s variants

Collector’s Elemental Power Items[]

New Commendations, Titles & Achievements[]


Ashen Treasures Commendations[]

Mercenary Voyages Commendations[]

Legends of the Sea Commendations[]

Help Umbra chronicle an ever-growing list of legends - pirates just like you who left their mark on the Sea of Thieves. Legends of the Sea Books:

The Sea's Most Wanted:

  • The Fox in the Snake → Have a drink in the tavern at Dagger Tooth and you're sure to learn of this deadly pirate. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Missing, Presumed Pirating → Near the central rock of Lone Cove, a poster remains for a missing pirate. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Self-Promoting Pistol Pirate → Dagger Tooth is known for deadly criminals, as a poster on the water tower suggests. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Join the Club → On Mermaid's Hideaway, a popular pirate created a social spot overlooking the sea. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Nice to be Wanted → +A popular pirate took refuge near some building remains, on an island in the Shores of Plenty. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • The Sea's Most Wanted → +Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | +25 Doubloon.png

The Daredevils:

  • Sleeping with the Fishes → They say a pirate met his fate on the shores of Mermaid's Hideaway. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Aim High → On Plunder Outpost, a pirate who liked high places came to rest in a hard-to-reach spot. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • ...And Not a Drop Spilled → +The tavern at Ancient Spire Outpost has an unusual sign dedicated to an unusual pirate. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Not All Falcons Fly → On Shipwreck Bay, they say a pirate's bones can be found beside a legendary shipwreck. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Run Aground → +On Salty Sands, a moment when shark triumphed over pirate was captured in art. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • The Daredevils → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | +25 Doubloon.png

The Loveable Rogues:

  • Not Just For Sweeping → There must be a story behind this unusual tavern sign on Sanctuary Outpost. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Bound by a Book → On Smuggler's Bay, in a dark cave, a talented pair left one of their legendary creations. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Snake Charmer → A famous reptile lover spends their time on an appropriately named island, atop a central shine. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Dog Days → There is a hidden camp on Mermaid's Hideaway, made by a popular pirate. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Pirate Port Pals → Two talkative pirates left their tankards on an Outpost made of golden sand, a perfect spot to chat. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • The Loveable Rogues → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | +25 Doubloon.png

The Insatiable:

  • Death by Banana → This pirate lost their way on the beach of Marauder's Arch, and tried to survive on just bananas... | +5 Doubloon.png
  • ZZ Marks the Spot → A tavern regular at Plunder Outpost became part of the furniture. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Going Bananas → Word tells of an unusual barrel on Sanctuary Outpost, near the water tower. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Famously Frugal → In Lost Gold Fort in The Ancient Isles, a list honours the greediest of pirates... | +5 Doubloon.png
  • A Hairy Legacy → Show Umbra the Legacy Beard by speaking to her while wearing it. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • The Insatiable → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | +25 Doubloon.png

The Swashbucklers:

  • Wide of the Mark → A pirate with dubious aim left an unmarked target atop Smuggler's Bay. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Precision Pirating → The Weaponsmith's shop on Galleon's Grave boasts a famous patron. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Legendary Larceny → On Smuggler's Bay lived a pirate famed for his stolen hoard. He left a mark on the Southwest Beach. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Buckets of Fun → Umbra heard that on Sanctuary Outpost, a tireless worker’s bucket was proudly hung on display. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • A Venomous Attack → They say that Shark Fin Camp was once defeated by very unusual means. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • The Swashbucklers → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | +25 Doubloon.png

The Artistic Souls:

  • A Musical Family → Ancient Spire Outpost played host to a kind and gifted musician, who later sold her instrument. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Still Life → Sanctuary Outpost is a beautiful place. Rumour has it the tavern hosts some legendary art. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Dressed to Impress → In the tavern at Ancient Spire Outpost, there is a painting of four very fancy pirates. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Through The Eyes of a Child → +A young cartographer was known to hone their skills at a camp on Smuggler's Bay. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Pirates in Portrait → On Sailor's Bounty, a set of portraits by a talented pirate await delivery. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • The Artistic Souls → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | +25 Doubloon.png

The Piratical Jokers:

  • Merrick Roll → Rumours speak of an odd book left at The Reaper's Hideout... could be a dangerous campsite to visit. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Killer Qualifications → On Golden Sands, filling your crew is easy when the pirates advertise in the tavern. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Dances with Chickens → Rumour has it that a strange scene was painted on a large rock on Chicken Isle. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Familial Resemblance → They say that where Merrick once camped on Shark Bait Cove, his son now displays a portrait. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Purply Pretty → Show Umbra the Amethyst Angel hair dye by speaking to her while wearing it. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • The Piratical Jokers → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | +25 Doubloon.png

The Pirate Scribes:

  • One Cross Pirate → Rumour says that there's a lot of undelivered mail left in some rubble on Sanctuary Outpost. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Points of Contention → Over at Golden Sands, Umbra heard of a pirate who loved to write down their thoughts. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Helping Hands → Five names are scratched into a rock on Cannon Cove, found by walking inland from the dock. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil → On Sanctuary Outpost, this flag was raised whenever a pirate stepped out of line. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Scruffy Scribe → A poetic pirate left a scruffy book inside a cave at Shark Bait Cove, beside a shrine. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • The Pirate Scribes → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | +25 Doubloon.png

The Gift Givers:

  • Delicious Delivery → They say that an unusual merchant delivery ended up on the docks at Morrow's Peak. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • May Contain Boom → A pirate once made quite the bang over at Golden Sands, somewhere behind the shops... | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Big Love in a Small Package → A parcel and hat on the dock at Galleon's Grave suggest that the Wilds may be civilised after all. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Putting the Ship in Friendship → At The Finest Trading Post is a fine work of craftswomanship. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Charitable Pirating → Show Umbra the Stream Sailor makeup by speaking to her while wearing it. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • The Gift Givers → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | +25 Doubloon.png

The Early Settlers:

  • Who's a Good Boy? → On Galleon's Grave, high up on the wreck, there lived a dog of legendary adorableness. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Fool's Gold → +On Cannon Cove, a pirate once thought outside the barrel when it came to making money. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Nesting Spot → High as a Crow's Nest, at Crow's Nest Fortress... | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Hallowed Ground → +Stories abound of a pirate brazen enough to deface even the Ferry of the Damned! | +5 Doubloon.png
  • Pirate Leg End → +Show Umbra the Sea Dog Pegleg by speaking to her while wearing it. | +5 Doubloon.png
  • The Early Settlers → Complete all (5) the Commendations within this collection. | +25 Doubloon.png

- - -

New Titles[]

The following are all the Titles introduced with the Legends of the Sea Content Update

Title Requirement
Tribute Bringer Complete all Reaper's Tribute Commendations. (time-limited)
Scholar of Fire Sell all 5 Tomes of Fire.
Chronicler of Legend Uncover the Legends of the Sea for Umbra.

New Achievements[]

A range of Achievements has been added for unlocking in-game Commendations. A total of 35 Gamerscore is available to earn from this update, and these achievements will persist in the game for future updates.

  • Tome of Fire I [5G]
  • Tome of Fire II [5G]
  • Tome of Fire III [5G]
  • Tome of Fire IV [5G]
  • Tome of Fire V [5G]
  • Tome of Fire Collector [10G]