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Liar's Backbone
Liars Backbone.png
Type Small Island
Location The Wilds
Coordinates S-11
Animals Snakes

Liar's Backbone is a Small Island located within The Wilds.

This island is tear-drop shaped and mostly surrounded by rocks with smaller islands breaking off of it. It is an elevated island with a few patches of vegetation.


Stitcher Jim[]

During the Forsaken Shores Content Update, Sticher Jim could be found hiding out on the Island. During the Heart of Fire Tall Tale it was revealed that Stitcher Jim has made a Hideout in the hidden cave structures of the Island. Inside, Players can find various Skeleton Glyph carvings on the walls, a Journal written by Jim and a shrine devoted to Captain Flameheart.


  • The name of the island comes from the metaphor that liars have no, or, in this case, a 'bent' backbone.