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Type Cursed Cannonball

The Limpball is a resource item that is used as specialized Cannon ammunition that will make a group of enemies limp.

Where to find[]

Limpballs have a low chance to appear in Barrels all over the world. Limpballs can also be unloaded from Cannons that have been loaded with a Limpball. Some Skeleton Ships use Limpballs as a part of their arsenal.


Limpballs are mainly used as ammunition for loading up and shooting with Cannons. A Limpball needs to be loaded inside an empty Cannon before it can be used as ammunition. Once a Cannon is loaded, the player can manually aim the cannon with Directional keys and then Shoot the Limpball with the Primary Use key. As the fired Cannonball's firing trajectory and arc is influenced by the angle of the Cannon and the sailing speed of the Ship, hitting targets with Cannonballs requires some practice.

Limpballs are used to apply the limping effect on hit Players and Skeletons. This is the same effect that is caused by taking fall damage from great heights. Limping will cause the player to walk very slowly with a limp, as if their leg bones were broken. Jumping will be harder in this state, but other than slowing the player down to a near-crawl, this Cursed Cannonball is relatively harmless compared to the other Green balls.

A Limpball affects the surrounding area of its impact zone, making it possible to make a whole Ship or ground area limp. Note that Limpballs do not do direct damage to a Ship. Additionally, if a Limpball is shot at a ship immediately adjacent to the Cannon, the ball's curse will also affect the Cannon where it was shot from due to splash damage.


  • Up to 10 total Limpballs can be held in a player's inventory at one time.
  • A single Limpball can be loaded into any Cannon, signified by a fuse appearing on front of the Cannon and green coloured smoke appearing from its muzzle.
  • Up to 100 Limpballs can be stored in one storage space of a Barrel at a time. A single Ship's Cannonball Barrel can carry up to 3 pages worth (i.e. 4800) of Limpballs.
  • Up to 20 Limpballs can be stored in one storage space of the Rowboat Chest. A single Rowboat's Chest can carry a maximum of 2 pages worth (i.e. 640) of Limpballs.

In-game description[]

Briefly gives the enemy an injury that slows them down, which is quite merciful for a cannonball.

Patch history[]

  • Unknown
    • Description changed from "Gives the enemy an awful limp, which to be fair, is quite merciful for a cannonball." to "Briefly gives the enemy an injury that slows them down, which is quite merciful for a cannonball.".
  • 1.2.4
    • Now available for player use. Can be found in barrels and crates around the world.
  • 1.2.0