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Lodestar Ship Bundle
Lodestar Ship Bundle.jpg
Type Bundle
Set Lodestar
Shop Pirate Emporium
Cost 2,499 Ancient Coins
Double Quotations Left.png
Shine with the light of the heavenly spheres - no matter the weather. Excludes Collector’s variants.

The Lodestar Ship Bundle is a bundle containing ship cosmetics from the Lodestar Set available for purchase from the Pirate Emporium for Ancient Coins.

The bundle consists of all the regular Lodestar Set ship cosmetics. All the items in the Bundle can be purchased individually. Their individual prices together amount to 3,292 Ancient Coins Ancient Coins. Therefore, the whole Bundle will save the player around 800 Ancient Coins Ancient Coins.

List of bundled items[]

  • Total cost of items separately: 3,292 Ancient Coins
  • Savings from bundle purchase: 793 Ancient Coins
Lodestar Ship Bundle
Image Item Cost Description
Lodestar Cannon Flare.png
Lodestar Cannon Flare 349 Ancient Coins "Exploding with a glorious starburst, this cannon flare makes your salvos look like a meteor shower."
Lodestar Cannons.png
Lodestar Cannons 349 Ancient Coins "Starry-eyed pirates have been known to wish on the cannonballs shot from these celestial cannons."
Lodestar Capstan.png
Lodestar Capstan 349 Ancient Coins "Look to the stars of this mesmerising capstan - they say: ’watch out for that giant rock up ahead’."
Lodestar Flag.png
Lodestar Flag 349 Ancient Coins "Passive-aggressive pirates have been known to raise this flag when their captain’s sailing has been less than stellar."
Lodestar Hull.png
Lodestar Hull 349 Ancient Coins "If you’ve ever wanted to sail a starship, this astral hull is probably the closest you’re going to get."
Lodestar Wheel.png
Lodestar Wheel 349 Ancient Coins "If you can’t see the stars wheeling overhead, use the stars of this glimmering wheel to guide your ship to safety."
Lodestar Figurehead.png
Lodestar Figurehead 599 Ancient Coins "Decorated with a guiding star, this celestial figurehead adorns ships that are said to always find their way home."
Lodestar Sails.png
Lodestar Sails 599 Ancient Coins "Emblazoned with a golden compass, these navy sails are the favourite of cosmic cartographers."

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Patch history[]

  • 2.4.1 (January 20, 2022)
    • Introduced.