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Lone Cove
LoneCove 1.png
Type Large Island
Location The Shores of Plenty icon.png The Shores of Plenty
Coordinates H-6
Animals Pig icon.png Pigs
Snake icon.png Snakes

Lone Cove is a Large Island located within the region of The Shores of Plenty at coordinate H-6.

The island has a large beach surrounding the southern half, and rocks on the Northern half, with a small dock access on the north-east corner. The main feature of Lone Cove is the sprawling pirates' graveyard located at the center of the island.


The island features:

  • 2 Ammo Chests
    • Found to the north-east.
    • Near the south-western cliff.
  • 3 Campfires
    • On the west beach, near Deadshot Charlotte.
    • In the graveyard near central rock, 1 to the north near a small camp.


Tall Tales[]

The following Tall Tale objectives take place on this island:

The Cursed Rogue icon.png The Cursed Rogue
The Legendary Storyteller icon.png The Legendary Storyteller
  • Possible location of the Ancient Crown, led to by plank clue.
  • Journal: "A funny little rumour...", found in the cave to the north west.
Stars of a Thief icon.png Stars of a Thief
  • Location of the Star Jewel, dug up near an unmarked tomstone.
Wild Rose icon.png Wild Rose
Revenge of the Morningstar icon.png Revenge of the Morningstar

Legends of the Sea[]

The following Legends of the Sea player immortalizations are found on this island:

  • "Missing, Presumed Pirating", poster on a wooden structure south-west corner of graveyard.

Known Riddles[]

Captain's Hammock

Seek the Captain's hammock at the campfire to the North, close to plunder, dig 9 paces South-by-South East, don't make a blunder

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Captain's Hammock

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Captain's Hammock on the map
Rowboat Left Behind

At the rowboat left behind on the South beach a secret is known, if ye hold a light high a clue will be shown

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Rowboat Left Behind

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Rowboat Left Behind on the map
Rum Lover's Grave

Find the rum lover's grave near the large central rock, you salt dog, 6 paces North-by-North East, have a dig and then a grog

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Rum Lover's Grave

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Rum Lover's Grave on the map

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