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Lost Pirates Emote Bundle
Lost Pirates Emote Bundle.png
Type Bundle
Shop Pirate Emporium
Cost 499 AncientCoin.png
Cause a raucous bangarang with these four emotes that will hook people's attention!

The Lost Pirates Emote Bundle is a Pirate Emporium exclusive pack of Emotes in Sea of Thieves that mimic gestures from the 1991 fantasy-adventure film Hook directed by Steven Spielberg. Each Emote in the Bundle can be purchased individually for 149 Ancient Coins, with the whole Bundle costing 499 Ancient Coins. Players can equip any Emotes at a Vanity Chest and perform them using the Emote Radial Menu.

The Bundle[]

The Bundle Costs 499 Ancient Coins and includes 4 new Emotes, of which all can be individually purchased:

Lost Pirates Emote Bundle
Bundle Cost: 499 AncientCoin.png
Emote Cost Description
Bangarang Emote 149 AncientCoin.png Do this when you feel like starting a bangarang! If nothing else, it will really confuse your foes.
Thud Dance Emote 149 AncientCoin.png This is a dance of pure happiness! If you're easily embarrassed, never, never do it.
Crow Call Emote 149 AncientCoin.png Aaaagh! If you can master this, maybe you can fight too, or even fly...
Use Your Imagination Emote 149 AncientCoin.png When you just can't catch some food, imagine some! Remember to say 'grace'...


All bundled emotes are references to the 1991 fantasy-adventure film Hook.

  • Bangarang Emote mimics a similar gesture performed by the Lost Boys.
  • "Bangarang" is also the battle cry used by the Lost Boys. The word itself means commotion, or disturbance.
  • Thud Dance Emote is named after Thud Butt, one of the Lost Boys who performed a similar dance.
  • Crow Call Emote is a reference to the rooster crowing performed by Peter Pan, Rufio, and the Lost Boys.
  • Use Your Imagination Emote is a reference to the dinner scene where the Lost Boys and Peter use their imagination to conjure up piles of food for their evening feast and eventual food fight.