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Lucky Hand Set
Lucky Hand Set.png
Type Cosmetic Set
Related Season Two

The Lucky Hand Set is a Cosmetic Set that could be unlocked through Season Two Rewards.

The Set is features a playing card motif, adorned with playing cards, the symbols of playing card suits, and the occasional horse shoe. The colour palette is of browns, red, and black, with highlights of green and yellow.

Set Components[]

Clothing Items[]

  • Total Cost:
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Lucky Hand Belt Gold.png
n/a Belt "You may be losing your shirt, but your trousers will stay neatly in place courtesy of this hardy belt."
Lucky Hand Boots Gold.png
n/a Boots "These boots are a perfect fit for you. What a stroke of luck!"
Lucky Hand Dress Gold.png
n/a Dress "Light, sturdy and adorned with playing card suits. Perfectly for an all-night card game session."
Lucky Hand Gloves Gold.png
n/a Gloves "The perfect fashion accessory for a pirate who doesn’t like to show their hand."
Lucky Hand Hat Gold.png
n/a Hat "They say fortune favours the bold, and this is a very bold choice of headwear indeed."
Lucky Hand Jacket Gold.png
n/a Jacket "The trim of this jacket is coloured red and black to symbolise the colours of playing cards. Perfect for a suit of suits."
Lucky Hand Shirt Gold.png
n/a Shirt "A simple linen shirt that comes complete with a pocket for holding your favourite pack of cards."
Lucky Hand Trousers Gold.png
n/a Bottoms "Diamond-shaped kneepads provide extra protection against wear and tear, for pirates who don’t like taking chances."

Vanity Items[]

  • Total Cost:
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Lucky Hand Beard Gold.png
n/a Beard "A six-sided die braided into your facial hair for luck? There are stranger customs, but admittedly not that many."
Lucky Hand Eyepatch Gold.png
n/a Eyepatch "If you have trouble keeping a neutral expression, this eyepatch will help with your poker face."
Lucky Hand Hook Gold.png
n/a Hook "Perfect for winning a round of that classic card game, 52 Pick-Up."
Lucky Hand Lustrous Hair Gold.png
n/a Hair "It takes a strict regimen and plenty of hard work to get hair that looks this good - there's no luck involved."
Lucky Hand Pegleg Gold.png
n/a Pegleg "A stout wooden leg that you could probably use to hide a card or two, but that would be cheating..."
Lucky Hand Styled Hair Gold.png
n/a Hair "A generous choice of hairstyle, making other pirates lucky to lay eyes upon your wonderfully well-tended locks."

Patch history[]

  • 2.1.0
    • Introduced.
    • Added Clothing, and Vanity items.