Madame Olive is a vendor for the Order of Souls Trading Company in Sea of Thieves. She is located at the Galleon's Grave Outpost on the lower floor of a two story house on the beach to the left side of the Tavern. She sells Voyages and promotions to players.


This is the Order of Souls and I am Madame Oksana, reader of minds and gatherer of secrets long lost.

Sound like your Order of Souls are some kind of fortune tellers. Am I right?
Fortune telling? Is that the limit of your desire? We are so much more than simple card turners and charlatan ball gazers. Years of dedication have granted us the ability to read the minds of Skeletons. We can learn their secrets and discover the resting place of what they hide.
Can you magic me up some rewards if I help you out?
Sigh... Our powers lie in the reading of minds, not magicking things from air like fabricated tales you read as a child. Listen! I hear your mind. It chatters endlessly with hopes of gold, of possessions and of renown. We can grant all of these in return for the secrets we desire.
How many Skeletons do I need to bring you? I've got a pretty big ship!
Yes, I'm sure you do. Fortunately the skulls are all we require. Seek out the Skeletons of importance, those who hold the secrets within their devious minds. We'll mark these on the instructions we give you. It couldn't be easier. I tire of your questions now, seek out my fellow Madames to learn more. I'm certain Olga at Golden Sands would just love to read your palm.
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