Madame Olge is a vendor for the Order of Souls Trading Company in Sea of Thieves. She is located at the Golden Sands Outpost on the lower floor of a two story house. She sells Voyages and promotions to players.


I am known as I am known as Madame Olga. I represent the Order of Souls and our glorious cause to learn the secrets of the Skeletons.

Tell me about the Order of Souls. Are you guys as creepy as you look?
The Order is dedicated to the study of evil, so we can learn its secrets. Return to us the skulls of the accursed Skeletons, from which we'll acquire the knowledge they took to their graves. Together we'll learn their secrets and reclaim the treasures they withhold!
The Merchants have promised me loads of rewards. What can you offer?
Their watches come from the Eastern seas and their spyglasses are but toys! However, we can bestow upon you simpler things like lanterns and tankards infused with souls from whom we have already harvested their secrets. Titles of renown too, that proclaim to others your dedication to our cause.
I like killing Skeletons. Sounds like the job for me!
You mistake our revered mission, bone-thirsty pirate. Speak not of unfortunate violence and open your mind to their wealth of secrets. It is a thing of regret for us to ask for their heads, but ask we must. Only by reading their minds can we discover the riches they conceal.
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