Madame Olive is a vendor for the Order of Souls Trading Company in Sea of Thieves. She is located at the Sanctuary Outpost on the lower floor of a two story house on the beach not far from the Tavern. She sells Voyages and promotions to players.


Hello traveller, I am Madame Olive. At the moment I'm helping out the Order of Souls.

The Order of Souls? That sounds exciting. Tell me everything!
The Order is a noble enough cause, I suppose. They want you to hunt down some Skeletons and bring back their skulls. After reading their minds, the Order will hopefully discover some secrets. We've been doing this a while but I can't recall us uncovering anything so far.
Will I get paid? Being a pirate these days isn't cheap.
Yes, we have plenty of gold in exchange for the Skeleton's skulls. I think we've got some special tankards and lanterns too, if you like that kind of thing. They're not the equal of compasses or spyglasses, but they're decent enough.
I'm not a mimd reader like you, but I sense sadness in your life.
I should be happy as I'm perfectly safe. There's a roof over my head and the tavern meals are pleasant enough. Yet I yearn for the danger that other companies promise! Eating maggot ridden biscuits while searching in vain for chests of gold. Being poisoned by snakes and vomiting onto my own boots. That's the life for me!
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