Madame Olivia is a vendor for the Order of Souls in Sea of Thieves. She is located on Plunder Outpost and sells Voyages and quests to players.


My name is Madame Olivia of the Order Of Souls. Our business is the breaking of bones.

Who's bones do you want to break, Madame Olivia?
The Skeletons of course! Seek them out with the information we give you, then smash them to pieces! Bring back their skulls as proof of their destruction.
There must be more to this than just smashing bones. What about rewards?
There is nothing greater than fracturing femurs! Than mashing mandibles, trashing tibias and hammering humeri! Do this and I will reward you handsomely, with gold and other prizes equal to your achievements.
I'm guessing the Skeletons aren't your favorite shipmates, then?
I struggle to put it into words how much I despise those rattling monstrosities. They took away everything I ever wanted, all I ever loved! I will not rest until I see every last one of their craniums ground into dust.
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