Madame Oprah is a vendor for the Order of Souls Trading Company in Sea of Thieves. She is located at the Dagger Tooth Outpost on the lower floor of a two story house that can be found up the wooden ramp. She sells Voyages and promotions to players.


Let Madame Oprah see if you've got what it take to serve the Order of Souls.

What does serving the Order reward me, Oprah?
Let me be clear. Our cause is not to be undertaken lightly. It is not for the faint of heart or feeble of body. I suspect you suffer from both, but you'll be granted a chance to show otherwise. Certain skeletons have secrets within their heads that we need to learn. Your task will be to recover these skulls for us to study.
Will the Order reward me, Oprah?
It's MADAME Oprah. I'll stand no familiarity from you. Rewards depend on success. Achieve little and you will get nothing. So rise above my expectations to see that the Order can be a generous one. We have mystical lanterns and tankards, infused with the spirits of Skeletons we no longer have use for. They are worthy prizes indeed, but they'll be well earned I guarantee.
What kind of skills will I need to work for you?
The list is considerable. Courage to sail the most treacherous seas. Cunning to outfox the most vicious of enemies. Utmost mastery with both sword and gun. Nerves of steel when staring death in the eye. I'm not seeing those qualities in you. Prove me wrong!
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