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Making Mayhem
Making Mayhem tall.jpg
Type Event
Duration August 24th - September 7th, 2021
Related Mayhem Set

Making Mayhem is a two-week long event to celebrate Gamescon, allowing players a chance to earn the time-limited Mayhem Ship Set through challenges.

Official summary[]

It's time to cause some chaos! Shake up the seas to earn the prized Mayhem ship set.

Larinna and the Bilge Rats have been working to get pirates co-operating and clearing out threats in recent times, so now it’s time to interject some more traditional Bilge Rat activities: accomplishing tasks through piratical pandemonium! In the Making Mayhem Event, it’s your job to enliven the Sea of Thieves by looting, shooting and blowing things up...


Image Reward Requirements
Mayhem Flag promo.jpg Mayhem Flag Earn 10 Favour
Mayhem Hull promo.jpg Mayhem Hull Earn 20 Favour
Mayhem Figurehead promo.jpg Mayhem Figurehead Earn 30 Favour
Mayhem Sails promo.jpg Mayhem Sails Earn 40 Favour
Mayhem Capstan promo.jpg Mayhem Capstan Earn 60 Favour
Mayhem Wheel promo.jpg Mayhem Wheel Earn 80 Favour
Mayhem Cannon promo.jpg Mayhem Cannon Earn 100 Favour

Minor Mayhem Challenges[]

Short, sweet opportunities for crews on a tight schedule to earn the Bilge Rats' Favour.

Image Favour Challenge
Event Challenge Keg.jpg 5 Favour Exploding Gunpowder Skeletons in a chain reaction.
Event Challenge Skulls Sword.jpg 5 Favour Defeating a group of skeletons by detonating a Gunpowder Skeleton.
Event Challenge Ashen Winds.jpg 5 Favour Burning a group of skeletons at once using a firebomb or a Chest of Rage.
Event Challenge Shark.jpg 5 Favour Defeating a shark using a Gunpowder Barrel.
Event Challenge Cannonballs.jpg 1 Favour Hitting a ship with a chaos-inducing Ghostly Cannonball, chainshot, or firebomb shot from a cannon.
Event Challenge Ghost Ship.jpg 1 Favour Destroying a Ghost Ship.

Major Mayhem Challenges[]

Longer, more perilous chances for devoted crews to earn a huge helping of the Bilge Rats' Favour.

Image Favour Challenge
Event Challenge Keg.jpg 10 Favour Handing in a Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel or Keg of Ancient Black Powder.
Event Challenge Keys.jpg 10 Favour Opening one of the Gold Hoarders' Treasure Vaults.
Event Challenge Ashen Winds.jpg 10 Favour Setting a Skeleton Ship ablaze using an Ashen Winds Skull.
Event Challenge Music.jpg 15 Favour Drinking or playing music with another crew at an Outpost.
Event Challenge Gold Coins.jpg 15 Favour Collecting all the gold piles inside one of the Gold Hoarders' Treasure Vaults.
Event Challenge Shroudbreaker.jpg 5 Favour Finishing any Tall Tale (visit the Castaway or Mysterious Stranger to get started).


Patch history[]

    • Following community feedback, Favour awarded for certain actions has been rebalanced since the launch of the Event.