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Mercenary Set
Mercenary Set.png
Type Cosmetic Set
Cost 46,650 Gold.png
Cost 555 Doubloon.png

The Mercenary Clothing Set on a male Pirate.

The Mercenary Ship Set on a Galleon.

Rare's promotional image for the Mercenary Ship Set.

Mercenary Ship Set on a Galleon.

Mercenary Ship Set on a Brigantine.

Mercenary Ship Set on a Sloop.

The Mercenary Set is a set of cosmetic items for elegant sell-swords who like to show off their wealth gained from the Mercenary Voyages of the Bilge Rats.

The set has a Scorpion motif and a colour palette of green, red, gold, and white. The Black Dog Set, Silver Blade Set, Golden Banana Set, and Aristocrat Set share similar base models for many of their items.

The clothing, eyepatch, pegleg, pistol, and compass, were originally exclusive to purchasing a 3-Month pack of Xbox Live Gold during March 2018. In 2019, these items were given out to players who had used a Friends Play Free event code. This caused an uproar from existing players and Rare eventually released the items to all players, purchasable at the the General Clothing Shop and Equipment Shop.

All additionally released items have been available as Time-Limited Items, available for purchase from Duke with Doubloons after completing certain Mercenary Voyage Commendations during the span of several events.

The remainder of the Equipment and Instrument items were released in the Black Market with the Festival of Giving and Legends of the Sea Content Updates.

An eye-patch adorned with a scorpion tail has been teased by Rare, with little information regarding its release.

Set Components[]

Clothing Items[]

  • Total Cost: 20,300 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Mercenary Belt 1,350 Gold.png
n/a Belt "A Famed crew of mercenaries melted down their first gold payment into these commemorative buckles."
Mercenary Boots 1,350 Gold.png
n/a Boots "Reluctantly taken as part payment from a destitute client down on their luck."
Mercenary Gloves 1,350 Gold.png
n/a Gloves "Give the kind of bone-crunching handshake that ensures prompt payment from anyone who hires you."
Mercenary Hat 6,800 Gold.png
n/a Hat "Tucked inside is a price list of your fortune hunting services. No job too small, no fee too large."
Mercenary Jacket 6,750 Gold.png
n/a Jacket "Its deep hidden pockets come in handy to pick up a little extra unscrupulous gold while on a job."
Mercenary Trousers 2,700 Gold.png
n/a Bottoms "Even more reluctantly taken as part payment from the same impoverished and barefooted client."

Vanity Items[]

  • Total Cost: 7,100 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Mercenary Eyepatch 3,050 Gold.png
n/a Eyepatch "Reminds everyone that once you make your mark on a contract you see the job through."
Mercenary Pegleg 4,050 Gold.png
n/a Pegleg "When a client couldn't pay, their leg was taken away. Now it's yours."

Equipment Items[]

  • Total Cost: 2,800 Gold.png  275 Doubloon.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Mercenary Banjo 30 Doubloon.png
n/a Banjo "Banjo playing hardens the fingers, just as mercenary work hardens the soul."
Mercenary Bucket 15 Doubloon.png
n/a Bucket "You ambush people for gold. Expect to get some holes in your ship!"
Mercenary Compass 2,800 Gold.png
n/a Compass "When your greedy nose fails to sniff out a reward, you can rely on this to help point the way."
Mercenary Concertina 25 Doubloon.png
n/a Concertina "This will keep crew morale up after sinking yet another defenceless Sloop."
Mercenary Drum 30 Doubloon.png
n/a Drum "You often like to keep an emergency stash of gold inside this drum."
Mercenary Fishing Rod 50 Doubloon.png
n/a Fishing Rod "For the right price, you'd even catch a poor, defenceless fish. Have you no heart?!"
Mercenary Hurdy-Gurdy 25 Doubloon.png
n/a Hurdy-Gurdy "The hurdy shows off your softer side, perfect for luring people into a trap..."
Mercenary Lantern 15 Doubloon.png
n/a Lantern "Let's face it; you do your best work at night, so this lantern will prove useful."
Mercenary Pocket Watch 20 Doubloon.png
n/a Pocket Watch "What time is it? Time to get paid, of course."
Mercenary Shovel 15 Doubloon.png
n/a Shovel "Digging feels like less work when you remember that the treasure belongs to someone else."
Mercenary Speaking Trumpet 15 Doubloon.png
n/a Speaking Trumpet "Makes it much easier to demand more gold, while you and your hostages stay at a distance."
Mercenary Spyglass 25 Doubloon.png
n/a Spyglass "Put this to use when hunting down the victim of your latest contract."
Mercenary Tankard 10 Doubloon.png
n/a Tankard "Fighting for gold is a lot of hard work; use some of that gold to fill this tankard."


  • Total Cost: 16,450 Gold.png  30 Doubloon.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Mercenary Blunderbuss 15 Doubloon.png
n/a Blunderbuss "This wide spread on this gun is ideal when contracted to dispatch multiple pirates."
Mercenary Cutlass 7,000 Gold.png
n/a Cutlass "A blade that's certainly more trustworthy than you are, sellsword."
Mercenary Eye of Reach 15 Doubloon.png
n/a Eye of Reach "For those contracts that require a little more finesse, or ideally, not taking any risk at all."
Mercenary Pistol 9,450 Gold.png
n/a Pistol "Grabbin' Garner, king of the mercenaries, was known to fire solid gold shot from one of these."

Ship Components[]

  • Total Cost: 250 Doubloon.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Mercenary Cannon 50 Doubloon.png
n/a Cannons "Sometimes you're hired to take out a whole crew. That's when these beasts come out to play."
Mercenary Capstan 50 Doubloon.png
n/a Capstan "A steel anchor weighs heavy on this capstan, yet nothing weighs on your conscience."
Mercenary Figurehead 50 Doubloon.png
n/a Figurehead "Fast, deadly and downright mean; this imposing scorpion announces your coming perfectly."
Mercenary Flag Doubloon.png
n/a Flag "A flag with a sting, showing that you're available for a contract... or about to complete one."
Mercenary Hull 20 Doubloon.png
n/a Hull "The proud, colourful hull of a true mercenary; there's no shame in having the will to win."
Mercenary Sails 25 Doubloon.png
n/a Sails "The scorpion is a fine motif for a mercenary like yourself - you strike hard, fast and once."
Mercenary Wheel 50 Doubloon.png
n/a Wheel "Nicer than the average wheel, since you earn more than the average pirate. By shooting them."