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Merchant Alliance
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Type Trading Company
Location Outposts
Trading Trust For Greater Prosperity
— Merchant Alliance motto
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The Merchant Alliance is one of the major Trading Companies in Sea of Thieves. Every Outpost Dock houses a Merchant Alliance Representative willing to recruit new Merchants and send them on increasingly challenging Merchant Alliance Voyages for various Commodity Crates. The Alliance will accept any Crates, Gunpowder Barrels or Mermaid Gems for Gold and Reputation with the Company, willing to pay almost 10 times as much for any Commodities that are sold on Commission.


The Merchant Alliance is one of the longest standing companies on the seas.[1] They mostly deal in Trade Goods, either living or other valuable commodities, which are purchased from adventuring pirates who pick them up during their voyages. Their business model consists of customers making an order to the alliance, and the alliance getting the wares by ordering it from pirates. Some of the alliance merchants also take orders of "Special" wares, but it mostly depends on whether or not the salesperson wants to deal in illegal goods rather than what the company stands for.


These are all the Senior Traders who represent the Merchant Alliance at Outposts:

Offered Services[]

The following services are offered by the Merchant Alliance Traders on the docks at every Outpost:


Main article: Merchant Voyages

Merchant Voyages can be bought from Senior Traders on the docks at every Outpost. The Merchant Alliance sends Player Pirates on three types of Merchant Voyages: Trade Good Commissions, Cargo Run Voyages, and Lost Shipment Voyages. The First requires Players to find and deliver specific Trade Goods to specific Senior Traders at Outposts in a set amount of time. These can either be Animals or Gunpowder Barrels. There are three types of commissioned Animals: Chicken, Pigs and Snakes. These have to be caught in Cages provided by the Senior Trader NPCs and taken care of until delivered. Gunpowder Barrels can be found on Fortresses or randomly on Islands. The Second requires Players to pick up Cargo Crates from a Seapost, Outpost or Large Island NPC and deliver it in time and good condition to another NPC. The Third requires Players to track down lost ships using the ship's route and recover the manifests onboard.

Players can have up to 3 Merchant Voyages in their Voyage Inventory at one time and put them up for a vote at the Voyage Table. The Voyages are counted complete as soon as the Goods are picked up or delivered.

In addition to Voyages sold by Senior Traders, Trade Good Commissions and Cargo Crate requisitions can sometimes be found from beached or floating Messages in Bottles or as Mysterious Parchments in Barrels. The Cargo requisitions act identically to Cargo Runs. The Trade Good Commissions, however require the Players to either find or get one of the three Supply Crates from Senior Traders and fill them with Resources or just bring in a Gunpowder Barrel. Animal requisitions are unique to Voyages purchased from Senior Traders, whereas the Supply Crates are unique to Voyages found from other sources.

When sold to Senior Traders or the NPCs, The Goods gathered during these Voyages reward the player with Gold and Merchant Alliance Reputation.

Goods that have not been requested can still be sold, but are worth far less gold. Trade Good Crates cannot be requested and have to be sold individually.

Players can also buy Ashen versions of Cargo Runs from the Representative at Morrow's Peak Outpost. These Voyages take players on islands throughout The Devil's Roar, where they have to deliver more fragile, but valuable Ashen version of Cargo Crates.


The following are all the types of items that can be sold to Senior Traders for Gold and Merchant Alliance Reputation:

Reputation, Promotions & Rewards[]


Merchant Rep Logo.png

Merchant Alliance Reputation is used to level up and earn higher Promotion Ranks with the Trading Company. Merchant Alliance Reputation is earned every time a relevant Treasure Item (See above) is sold to the Senior Traders on the Docks of Outposts (Crew-wide). Each Treasure item is worth a set amount of Reputation, which is separate from the item's Gold or Emissary Value. Players can also earn Reputation with the Merchants by completing Commendations for the Company (Individual) or lowering a higher than Emissary Grade II Merchant Alliance Emissary Flag at the Merchant Alliance Emissary Table (Crew-wide). Crews representing the Merchants as an Emissary will get increased Reputation gains with each Emissary Grade. The Merchant Alliance has 75 Reputation levels in total.

Players who progress through the Merchant Alliance Reputation Ranks can also unlock the Ceremonial Admiral Set Items for purchase at Outpost Shops.


The following is a table of all the Merchant Alliance Promotions and the Items that are unlocked for purchase after achieving them:

Rank Promotion Name Cost Item Unlocked Cost Voyage Cost
5 Merchant Sailor 100 Gold.png Lowly Merchant Watch 700 Gold.png 20 Gold.png
10 Merchant Mariner 200 Gold.png Measly Merchant Spyglass 700 Gold.png 40 Gold.png
15 Merchant Cadet 300 Gold.png

Prominent Merchant Watch
Merchant Alliance Emissary Flag
Merchant Alliance Costume

1,400 Gold.png
20,000 Gold.png
68,300 Gold.png

60 Gold.png
20 Merchant Bosun 400 Gold.png Notable Merchant Spyglass 1,400 Gold.png 80 Gold.png
25 Merchant Officer 500 Gold.png Famed Merchant Watch 2,100 Gold.png 100 Gold.png
30 Merchant Lieutenant 600 Gold.png Renowned Merchant Spyglass 2,100 Gold.png 120 Gold.png
35 Merchant Commander 700 Gold.png Revered Merchant Watch 2,800 Gold.png 140 Gold.png
40 Merchant Captain 800 Gold.png Esteemed Merchant Spyglass 2,800 Gold.png 160 Gold.png
45 Merchant Admiral 900 Gold.png Legendary Merchant Watch 3,500 Gold.png 180 Gold.png
50 Merchant Master 1,000 Gold.png Notorious Merchant Spyglass 3,500 Gold.png 200 Gold.png
55 Enterprising Merchant 17,450 Gold.png Merchant Alliance Capstan 69,550 Gold.png
60 Industrious Merchant 21,400 Gold.png Merchant Alliance Cannons 69,550 Gold.png
65 Prosperous Merchant 25,350 Gold.png Merchant Alliance Wheel 69,550 Gold.png
70 Esteemed Merchant 29,300 Gold.png

Merchant Alliance Hull
Merchant Alliance Flag

69,550 Gold.png
2,500 Gold.png

75 Eminent Merchant 33,250 Gold.png

Merchant Alliance Figurehead
Merchant Alliance Sails

69,550 Gold.png
69,550 Gold.png

Merchant Alliance Emissaries[]

Any players wishing to represent the Merchant Alliance on the open seas can do so by becoming a Merchant Alliance Emissary. To hoist a Merchant Alliance Emissary Flag, Players must first purchase it from any Company Representative for 20000 Gold once they have achieved the level 15 Rank of Merchant Cadet. Player Crews can vote to raise a Company Emissary Flag at the Company's Emissary Table. Merchant Alliance Emissary Tables can be found inside every Merchant Alliance Dock at Outposts. Once voted upon, the Crew's Ship will receive two Company themed Flags on their Ships to designate their Emissary status: a big Flag on the back of the ship and a Pennant on top of the Crow's Nest. These Flags will signify the Emissary Ship's current Emissary Grade and will change as the Crew progresses through these Grades. Merchant Alliance Emissary Flags are Blue and Silver and will play a distinct tune when viewed from a Spyglass by other Crews. When an Emissary Ship sinks or is scuttled, the Emissary Flag will be lost along with any earned Grade progress. The Broken Emissary Flags that float up from the sunk ship can be sold to The Servant of the Flame at The Reaper's Hideout. When Crews vote to lower their own Emissary Flag, they earn large sums of Gold and Reputation with the Emissary Company (only after Grade 2).

Emissary Grades[]

The Emissary Grade icon of the Merchant Alliance.

Every Merchant Alliance Emissary will start out at Emissary Grade I and be able to progress up to Grade V. These Grades are displayed on the Ship's Emissary Flags. Players can also check their Emissary Grade progress by using the Equipment Radial Menu or opening up their Reputation tab at the Pirate Menu.

When reaching Grade V, Merchant Alliance Emissaries are eligible to claim a special Merchant Alliance Emissary Quest from any of the Order Representatives.

With each Emissary Grade, players will receive greater Rewards, Merchant Alliance Reputation and Emissary Value for any sold Crates, Gunpowder Barrels or Mermaid Gems. Note that Players do not get Emissary Grade Reputation from selling Items to the company, unless the items are to be delivered as a part of a Quest or Voyage. The following is a chart of the reward and value multiplier of Emissary Grades:

Emissary Grade Rewards, Reputation & Emissary Value
Grade 1 Base Reward
Grade 2 +33% Base Reward
Grade 3 +67% Base Reward
Grade 4 +100% Base Reward
Grade 5 +150% Base Reward

Emissary Reputation[]

Merchant Alliance Emissaries can gain Emissary Reputation and progress through Emissary Grades in the following ways:

Things that do not give Emissary Grade Reputation for Merchant Alliance:

Emissary Quest[]

Once Crews have reached Emissary Grade V when sailing as an Merchant Alliance Emissary, they will be eligible for an Merchant Alliance Emissary Quest. Only one Quest can be claimed per Crew per Emissary Run. This means that if players want to receive more Emissary Quests, they will have to reset their Emissary progress and work their way back up to Grade V again.

The Merchant Alliance Emissary Quest gives all Players of the Crew 2 Cargo Maps with 10 Cargo Crates each that need to be delivered within a month in-game time. Players can easily work their way back up to Emissary Grade V with the Quest alone if they decide to turn in their previous Grade V flag to the Company and start over from Grade I. Once back at Grade V, the crews can claim another Emissary Quest and repeat the process.

Emissary Value & Ledger[]

Merchant Alliance Emissary Value is earned every time a Crew sells a Treasure item to any Order Representatives while flying a Merchant Alliance Emissary Flag. Each Crate and Mermaid Gem has a set base Emissary Value (which is increased for items sold on Commissions or in better conditions). Crews get increased Emissary Value the higher the Grade of their Emissary Flag. When selling Treasure as a Grade V Emissary, the Emissary Value is doubled (see above chart for the multipliers). Emissary Value acts as a Player Pirate's individual scoreboard with a Trading Company.

A player's Emissary Value is counted in their Emissary Ledger, which divides all of the Company's Emissaries into four Ranks based on their total Emissary Value. Each Emissary Rank accounts for a percentage of the Company's total Emissary Value holders. A single Emissary Ledger scoreboard remains active for one month, after which it will be closed and reset. At the close of a Ledger, every Player Pirate to place in the first or second top tier will be rewarded with exclusive Company Sails.

The Merchant Alliance Emissary Ranks are as follows:


The following Commendations are achievable for the Merchant Alliance. The majority of these Commendations unlock same named Titles for the Players to show off.

Merchant Alliance Emissary Commendations:

Lost Shipments Commendations:

  • Manifestation → Bring recovered Ship Manifests to the Merchant Alliance | Unlocks the Merchant Pathfinder Sail for purchase
    • Grade I - 3 times
    • Grade II - 5 times
    • Grade III - 10 times
    • Grade IV - 15 times
    • Grade V - 20 times
  • Manifest Density → Find Ship Manifests
    • Grade I - 3 times
    • Grade II - 15 times
    • Grade III - 25 times
    • Grade IV - 35 times
    • Grade V - 50 times
  • Cabin Fever → Open Captain's cabins using a Captain's Key | Unlocks the Golden Gatherer Merchant Sail for purchase
    • Grade I - 3 times
    • Grade II - 15 times
    • Grade III - 25 times
    • Grade IV - 35 times
    • Grade V - 50 times

Trade Routes Commendations:

  • Haggler of Surplus Stock → Purchase Merchant Commodities at a discounted price.
    • Grade I - 10 Commodities
    • Grade II - 75 Commodities
    • Grade III - 125 Commodities
    • Grade IV - 175 Commodities
    • Grade V - 250 Commodities

Note: This Commendation is personal and not shared with the Crew, only counting the commodities you personally bought.

  • Profiteer of Sought Stock → Sell Merchant Commodities at an inflated price. | Unlocks the Merchant Alliance Hook for purchase
    • Grade I - 10 Commodities
    • Grade II - 75 Commodities
    • Grade III - 125 Commodities
    • Grade IV - 175 Commodities
    • Grade V - 250 Commodities
  • Taker of Stolen Stock → Sell Stolen Merchant Commodities at an inflated price.
    • Grade I - 3 Commodities
    • Grade II - 15 Commodities
    • Grade III - 25 Commodities
    • Grade IV - 35 Commodities
    • Grade V - 50 Commodities
  • Master of Shifted Stock → Make the most possible profit buying and selling Merchant Commodities. | Unlocks the Merchant Alliance Eyepatch for purchase
    • Grade I - 5 Commodities
    • Grade II - 40 Commodities
    • Grade III - 80 Commodities
    • Grade IV - 120 Commodities
    • Grade V - 150 Commodities


  • The ambient music of the Merchant Alliance is always accompanied with some high-esteem strings, alongside harpsichord notes (18th century instrument), to add to the prosperous, and high-standard appearance of their Trade.
  • Only the first Animal caught inside a crate will provide Emissary Grade Reputation, presumably to prevent infinite Emissary Grade Reputation from being acquired with one crate by repeatedly catching and killing animals. However, Emissary Grade gains can still be maximized by catching the highest value animal with a crate, killing it, and then catching the one required for your contract.
  • The Merchant Alliance is currently the only major faction to not have a Curse associated with them.
  1. Senior Trader Mandy