Merchant Alliance is one of the Trading Companies in Sea of Thieves. They reside on jetties in Outposts as shopkeepers and provide players with voyages that will require players to transport animals such as Chickens, Snakes, and Pigs to other Outposts. A few will come in crates, but most will have to be caught by the players at specific locations and delivered to the recipient. By earning reputation and increasing rank with the Alliance, players can unlock special items as well. 


"Trading Trust For Greater Prosperity."  


Besides animals, other known goods that the Merchant Alliance seek are different crates such as: Fine Sugar, Exotic Silks, Rare Teas and Exquisite Spices. The Merchant Alliance often also ask for crates to be filled by the player such as: Cannonball Crates, Banana Crates and Plank Crates as well as Gunpowder Barrels

Items to be Sold





Promotion level Price (Gold)
Merchant Sailor 5 100
Merchant Mariner 10 200
Merchant Cadet 15300
Merchant Bosun 20400
Merchant Officer 25 500
Merchant Lieutenant 30 600
Merchant Commander 35 700
Merchant Captain 40 800
Merchant Admiral 45 900
Master Merchant 50 1000


  • Merchant Voyager
  • Gilded Merchant
  • Sailor of the Merchant Alliance
  • Merchant Adventurer
  • Merchant Forager
  • Merchant Shipwright
  • Cast Iron Merchant
  • Black Powder Merchant
  • Merchant of the Dawn Caller
  • Merchant of the Wild Hog
  • Merchant of the Serpents Scale
  • Merchant of the Grand Fauna

Creature Quests

  • Snake: Can be captured with a Snake Basket. Can also be charmed with music. Venomous (can spit at players causing slow damage).
  • Chicken: There are currently 4 different types of chickens. They are passive animals and can be captured with Chicken Coops.
  • Pig: Another passive animal that requires food (bananas) in order for survival. They can be captured with a Pig Crate.




(These were offered by Senior Trader Meg as initiation voyages in the final beta. Unknown if they are persistent on all outposts.)

  • A Pressing Plea From The Pitiful Mr. Wilson
  • A Fancied Appeal From The Pitiful Mrs. Oberg
  • A Polite Contract From The Pitiful Mrs. Tarrant