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Merchant Alliance Set
Merchant Alliance Set Galleon.png
Type Cosmetic Set
Company Merchant Alliance icon.png Merchant Alliance
Shop Merchant Alliance
Cost 1,006,150 Gold
Cost 596 Ancient Coins

The Merchant Alliance Inaugural Commander Sails on a Galleon.

The Merchant Alliance Inaugural Admiral Sails on a Galleon.

The Merchant Alliance Costume.

The Merchant Alliance Set consists of various Cosmetics themed after the Merchant Alliance Trading Company. These Cosmetics can only be acquired through dealings with the Company, mainly via progressing through Merchant Alliance Promotion Ranks. This Set Consists of visually upgradable Pocket Watches and Spyglasses, a Costume and a full Ship Set. There is also a 4-piece Emote Bundle available from the Pirate Emporium. Each Pocket Watch or Spyglass Skin upgraded through Company Reputation levels will replace the previous version, making it impossible to retain the looks of lesser versions if purchased.

Two Inaugural Sails, along with two new cosmetic rewards introduced each season, are rewarded for any Pirates who make it into the two top Emissary Ledger Tiers by the close of a ledger.

Two new sails are available for purchase after unlocking Lost Shipments commendations: The Golden Gatherer Merchant Sail, and the Merchant Pathfinder Sail.

Set Components[]

Clothing Items[]

  • Total Cost: 251,900 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Disgraced Merchant Alliance Hat.png
Disgraced Merchant Alliance Hat 183,600 Gold Merchant Alliance Ransacked commendation Hat "Quite possibly plucked from the sea by The Reaper's Bones, while the Merchant Emissary who owned it sank with their ship."
Merchant Alliance Costume.png
Merchant Alliance Costume 68,300 Gold
15 15
Costume "Please conduct yourself professionally while wearing the Alliance uniform."

Vanity Items[]

  • Total Cost: 71,250 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Merchant Alliance Eyepatch.png
Merchant Alliance Eyepatch 30,500 Gold Master of Shifted Stock commendation Eyepatch "A fine, golden Eyepatch that should serve nicely as an eyepatch as long as nobody astonishes you."
Merchant Alliance Hook.png
Merchant Alliance Hook 40,750 Gold Profiteer of Sought Stock commendation Hook "A hook that seems to have been fashioned from a pair of compasses. The Merchants do despise wasting things..."

Equipment Items[]

  • Total Cost: 145,200 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Esteemed Merchant Spyglass.png
Esteemed Merchant Spyglass 2,800 Gold
40 40
Spyglass "Famed clients demand quality service, so in return we offer this spyglass of exceptional craft."
Famed Merchant Watch.png
Famed Merchant Watch 2,100 Gold
25 25
Pocket Watch "A lovely timepiece that would complete any outfit, yours by keeping renowned customers happy."
Legendary Merchant Watch.png
Legendary Merchant Watch 3,500 Gold
45 45
Pocket Watch "This exquisite watch shows that you offer faultless service to our most notorious customers."
Lowly Merchant Watch.png
Lowly Merchant Watch 700 Gold
5 5
Pocket Watch "Acquire the first of our service watches by bringing satisfaction to some of our measly clients."
Measly Merchant Spyglass.png
Measly Merchant Spyglass 700 Gold
10 10
Spyglass "A glance of things to come, this spyglass only requires you to help out a few pitiful customers."
Merchant Alliance Compass.png
Merchant Alliance Compass 37,800 Gold Unrivalled Emissary of Merchants commendation Compass "With this trusty compass at your side, you'll have to think up new excuses for why the cargo you're delivering is late."
Merchant Alliance Fishing Rod.png
Merchant Alliance Fishing Rod 86,400 Gold Hunter of Islehoppers commendation Fishing Rod "The Merchants know the importance of being able to catch fish - it stops starving pirates from eating valuable cargo."
Notable Merchant Spyglass.png
Notable Merchant Spyglass 1,400 Gold
20 20
Spyglass "Deal with enough lowly client and we'll award you a moderately more impressive spyglass."
Notorious Merchant Spyglass.png
Notorious Merchant Spyglass 3,500 Gold
50 50
Spyglass "Only a select few partnering with our most revered customers will own this prestigious spyglass."
Prominent Merchant Watch.png
Prominent Merchant Watch 1,400 Gold
15 15
Pocket Watch "Time to show us your mettle. Help out sufficient notable clients and this charming piece is yours."
Renowned Merchant Spyglass.png
Renowned Merchant Spyglass 2,100 Gold
30 30
Spyglass "Set your sights on more superior goals, like this nice spyglass for helping out prominent customers."
Revered Merchant Watch.png
Revered Merchant Watch 2,800 Gold
35 35
Pocket Watch "Only our most trusted agents deal with esteemed clients, so you'll need a watch of equal stature."

Ship Components[]

  • Total Cost: 537,800 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Golden Gatherer Merchant Sail.png
Golden Gatherer Merchant Sail 49,000 Gold Cabin Fever commendation Sails "Who but the Merchant Alliance would unite three very different beasts on a very dazzling, golden sail?"
Merchant Alliance Cannons.png
Merchant Alliance Cannons 69,550 Gold
60 60
Cannons "These will help you protect your cargo and maintain our reputation."
Merchant Alliance Capstan.png
Merchant Alliance Capstan 69,550 Gold
55 55
Capstan "Daily capstan oiling will ensure that our clients are served without delays."
Merchant Alliance Emissary Flag.png
Merchant Alliance Emissary Flag 20,000 Gold
15 15
Emissary Flag "Acquire our Emissary Flag and perform a valued duty, increasing your standing and gold as a representative of the Merchant Alliance."
Merchant Alliance Figurehead.png
Merchant Alliance Figurehead 69,550 Gold
75 75
Figurehead "This figurehead represents dignity and speed, which you should strive for as a Merchant."
Merchant Alliance Flag.png
Merchant Alliance Flag 2,500 Gold
70 70
Flags "Please ensure that our flag is displayed at the approved angle and without wrinkles."
Merchant Alliance Hull.png
Merchant Alliance Hull 69,550 Gold
70 70
Hull "Display our colours proudly and conduct yourself properly when meeting our customers."
Merchant Alliance Inaugural Admiral Sails.png
Merchant Alliance Inaugural Admiral Sails
n/a Sails "Performance is everything. Hoist these sails proudly for out-earning all your competition."
Merchant Alliance Inaugural Commander Sails.png
Merchant Alliance Inaugural Commander Sails
n/a Sails "Your prompt deliveries have earned you this special reward."
Merchant Alliance Sails.png
Merchant Alliance Sails 69,550 Gold
75 75
Sails "Exquisite sails that are earned through diligence and timeliness. Well done, Merchant."
Merchant Alliance Wheel.png
Merchant Alliance Wheel 69,550 Gold
65 65
Wheel "Senior Trader Mavis inspects these wheels to see if you've been taking detours on your Voyages."
Merchant Pathfinder Sail.png
Merchant Pathfinder Sail 49,000 Gold Manifestation commendation Sails "Sails emblazoned with meticulous notation, designed to resemble a Merchant Alliance trade route."


  • Total Cost: 596 Ancient Coins
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
I’m Waiting! Emote.png
I’m Waiting! Emote 149 Ancient Coins n/a Emote "Time is a precious commodity. If you make me wait, I might choose it over you!"
Job Well Done Emote.png
Job Well Done Emote 149 Ancient Coins n/a Emote "And... job done! That leaves time for a little drinking and looting..."
Taking Stock Emote.png
Taking Stock Emote 149 Ancient Coins n/a Emote "Four chickens, two pigs, a crate of spices... check. Breakfast sorted!"
Time is Money! Emote.png
Time is Money! Emote 149 Ancient Coins n/a Emote "Either present an opportunity to make money, or stop obstructing my view!"


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