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Mermaid screenshot.png
Type Creature
Behaviour Non-Hostile
Location Ocean

Mermaids are Non-Hostile Creatures that appear in the sea to teleport pirates back to their ship. They hold an aquamarine flare emitting a tall plume of smoke that can be seen from a distance, and sing an ominous tune.


Interacting with the mermaid will teleport the player back to their ship. If their ship has sunk, they will instead teleport to the outpost or island where their Ship has respawned. Using a Mermaid will drop any carried Items a player is carrying.


A mermaid spawns in the player's vicinity when their ship is detected at a great distance, or it is destroyed. The mermaid disappears when the player either returns to their ship or reaches another vessel.

  • When a player is too far from their ship, a mermaid will spawn some distance towards the player's current direction.
  • When a player's ship despawns, a mermaid will spawn in replacement.


  • If a ship hits a Mermaid, the ship will take damage and the mermaid will bounce to the side.
  • Mermaids swim back to the depths of the ocean after you travel a certain distance from them.
  • Mermaids come in different appearances, some with facial hair, with eye patches and more variants.
  • In the book "Tales From the Sea of Thieves" a poem regarding the Merfolk suggests that not all Merfolk in the world of Sea of Thieves are 'good.' The poem describes how "If it's you they've chosen, they'll surround you with their kin. Your legs are bound and frozen in a wrap of silver skin." possibly describing how some of the Merfolk are created.
  • It is also pointed out that when one of the Merfolk in the book sees a pirate going for shipwrecked treasure he "looked instantly furious about the sight of the chest."
  • POSSIBLE BUG: Mermaids will sometimes linger in the area when they are no longer needed.