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Mermaid's Hideaway
Mermaid's Hideaway.png
Type Large island icon.png Large island
Region The Shores of Plenty icon.png The Shores of Plenty
Coordinates B-13
Animals Chicken icon.png Chickens
Pig icon.png Pigs

Mermaid's Hideaway is a Large Island located within the region of The Shores of Plenty at coordinate B-13 and C-13.

This island contains a secret underwater cave underneath the island with an ancient statue inside. One way to enter this cave is to find the hidden mining shaft in the middle of the island and jump or climb down the ladder.

There is one cannon in the middle of the island.


The island features:

  • 3 Ammo Chests
    • North-west beach, at the archway near the Vault among some barrels.
    • Up the path behind Five Paces Frank, found on the north among some barrels.
    • Southern most clifftop.
  • 3 Campfires
  • 1 Cannon, atop the southward facing cliff.


  • Wanda's Journal "Book I" (Cursed Sails), in camp at the pond's south side.
  • These Tall Tales have journals on this island; Journals can only be found while Tale is active. See Tall Tales section below for locations.

Legends of the Sea[]

The following Legends of the Sea player immortalizations are found on this island:

  • "Dog Days", wooden sign in camp at pond's south end, near Five Paces Frank
  • "Sleeping With the Fishes", skeleton and name carved in a rock at the east beach, near water's edge
  • "Join the Club", flyer attached to a broken down structure found atop the southern cliff

Tall Tales[]

The following Tall Tale objectives take place on this island:

The Shroudbreaker (Quest) icon.png The Shroudbreaker
  • Ancient Vault (Snake), found under rock archway at the north-west beach.
  • Vault Medallions found at these locations:
    • North-western cliff above vault.
    • Below the wooden bridge to the south.
    • Atop the southern cliff.
The Cursed Rogue icon.png The Cursed Rogue
The Legendary Storyteller icon.png The Legendary Storyteller
Stars of a Thief icon.png Stars of a Thief
  • Possible location of the Star Jewel, found in the underwater cave.
  • Snake Vault, found under rock archway at the north-west beach.
Wild Rose icon.png Wild Rose

Item locations[]

Mermaid's Hideaway Screenshot
Violet Circles - Supply Barrels/Boxes

Red Triangle - Ammo Boxes

Yellow Stars - Secrets

On this location there is a hidden underwater cave marked by a yellow star.

Known Riddles[]

Caged Prisoner's Remains

At the caged prisoner's remains to the South a secret is known, if ye hold a light high a clue will be shown

Show Image

Caged Prisoner's Remains

External links[]

See it on RareThief's Interactive Map


Patch history[]

  • 2.5.0 (March 10, 2022)
    • Players should no longer be safe-teleported on Mermaid’s Hideaway when jumping into the environment.
  • 2.0 (April 30, 2019)
    • There are no longer palm leaves stuck to the beach at Mermaid’s Hideaway.
  • 1.4.4 (March 6, 2019)
    • No longer possible to get stuck on Mermaid's Hideaway between trees.