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'Merry' Merrick
Type NPC
Location Stephen's Spoils
Company The Hunter's Call icon.png The Hunter's Call
Voice Actor Ewan Bailey
Megalodons and Krakens leave meat behind when you kill them, be sure to grab it. Oh, do please tell me what it feels like to fight and battle a Megalodon!
— Merrick, Overheard at Merrick's campfire

Merrick, also known as 'Merry' Merrick or Grizzled Old Soul Merrick, is The Hunter's Call representative stationed at Stephen's Spoils. He is married to Serik, founder of The Hunter's Call.


Merrick is an admitted drunk most of the time, but was among the first to uncover the Megalodon, and set adventurers on a quest to track down and hunt the beast. While not an official voyage, Merrick provided hints which would lead the players to his journals and people he'd met. At first meeting, he gave players the Big Jaws Speaking Trumpet, which would unlock the Speaking Trumpet. Upon coming full circle, he would provide players with the Hungering Tattoo Set, and the Drum of the Deep, which was the only drum available at the time. After killing the Megalodon and returning to Merrick, he would reward players with the Hungering One Figurehead.

His camp on Shark Bait Cove is now abandoned, with a portrait of Merrick and his son, Derrick, and a journal thanking the pirates that rallied to him in his time of need.

With his Hungering One obsession behind him, Merrick has been given second chance by his wife, Serik, and he's been able to reunite with his family, including his son, Derrick. He now has his eye on much smaller fish, working as a part of the family business, The Hunter's Call, a company on the Sea of Thieves centered around hunting and fishing.


Hunter's Call[]

(Stephen's Spoils)

Dialogue icon.png

It's me, Merrick! Me shark hunting days might be over but me Hunter's Call days have just begun!

Good to see you again, Merrick. How's life treating you?

I can't complain, really.
Apart from having no legs.
Missing an eye isn't great, either.
I also found out that me wife Serik swam off with a Merman while I was hunting the Hungering One.
But that's all waters behind me now.
I'm a new man with a new mission in life.

I never expected to see you with a real job. What happened?

Well, Serik decided to give me another chance.
She wanted to start The Hunter's Call to provide hungry and gold-rich pirates with more than just bananas.
Fish and cook the fish and animals found in these seas, then bring them to us for a true hunter's reward!
Who am I to deny her this dream? She's the finest catch of me life and a rare beauty!

Hunter's Call eh? Would you be interested in a little Megalodon hunting for old time's sake?

No, I must stay strong! Life is good for me now.
Serik hasn't looked at a Merman in a week and me son and daughter have started talking to me again.
Derrick is just like me, although he does have two legs and both eyes.
Annick is charming in her own special way.
I'm not risking losing them again!

Fate of the Damned[]

Merrick's Dialogue during the time-limited The Hunt for Hidden, Ancient Shadows of Fate Voyage.

Dialogue icon.png



Oh-ho! I recognise that steely glint in your eye. You're here on business, ain'tcha? Asking about them fancy skellies in these parts!
Well, I ain't got time to chat. As they were leaving, some clumsy oafs went and knocked my priceless family heirloom into the sea!
An' not just any heirloom - Old Stompy, my Dad's prize-winning boot! He was a shoemaker, y'see. An' those louts treated it like junk!
I ain't so good at diving these days. Too buoyant! If you can find my beloved boot an' bring it back safely, I'll help you any way I can.

After giving him Old Stompy:

Dialogue icon.png



That's it! Old Stompy, home safe and sound! Dad was head of the Shoemaker Society, you know. What a load of old Cobblers they were!
Now, those clumsy oafs were asking about the same skellies as you. In a real hurry, they were. Didn't even stop for lunch!
I overheard 'em talking about an island they wanted to check, and marked this old map so I wouldn't forget. Here...
If you'd rather not find them skellies, you could always stay here and catch me a fish or two. I need to make a start on dinner!

Hungering Deep[]

During The Hungering Deep, found at the campfire on Shark Bait Cove.

Dialogue icon.png

Come to hear ole Merrick perform? Well, I'm retired. And this is the soberest I've been in weeks. And if one more person asks me how I lost my legs...

How did you lose your legs, Merrick? — (Only available at first meeting)

Very funny. You wanna hear me story?
Go read me journals. There's one on this island, by the fin-rock that stands in a lagoon. But be careful out there.
See, for me latest shanty, I took inspiration from the writins' of the tribes that once lived here. They worshiped a great beast... the Hungering One.
Don't you go looking for it! I couldn't handle it, and neither can you.
Hmm... I can't give you a bigger boat, but I can give you this... it'll make it easier to speak to other ships. It's dangerous out there alone!

Got any more stories, Merrick?

Fine, I can't resist strechin' me bardic muscles. What do you fancy?

— Something about your injuries?

Good idea. Let me tell you a real tale of terror- how I lost my eye!
I was out on Black Sand Atoll in the Wilds. Out of nowhere... a huge, fearsome, crazed beast swooped down and plucked out me eye - just like THAT!
What was it? Well, it was a parrot. Don't laugh! A parrot's no joke when it's pecked out your peeper!

— Something about sea monsters?

How about the time I frightened off a Kraken wiv nothin' but me powerful performance?
Me crew fell afoul of that beast after workin wiv that stinkin' Merchant Alliance. We were doomed. The Kraken was angry.
But inspiration hit me. I played me drum like never before! A stirrin' war-song!
That slimy squid fled in terror! And no, NOT because my playing was so awful. I wonder if it was because...

Got any shanties to share?

I'm not some performing monkey!
And I'm a bit nervous about playing, lately...

You seem remarkable skelly-free!

True, at first I thought they were takin' pity on me after me brush with death.
But maybe it's me pungent aroma. Makes even the dead's eyes water. Sorry.

Found all your journals. Spill the beans about the beast, Merrick! — (Available after finding all of Merrick's Journals)

Oh... you really found all those? Okay, I’m impressed. Alright, I’ll change me tune and share the secret of me shanty...
When played properly... meaning you need at least five people, playing in harmony... The rhythm calls to the finned fiend that took me legs... as well as me crew.
I wasn’t up to the challenge, but maybe you can avenge us... I’ll teach you me shanty. It must be played in that special place I mentioned in me journals... Just don’t get too close to the Shroud!
I hope you can carry a tune... Take this drum with you. I’m thinking of making more, now I’m retired.
And hey, wear me tattoo. I want that thing to know who sent you!

Thanks for sharing your tale, Merrick. — (Available after defeating the Hungering One during the event)

I’m just glad that you avenged me crew and dealt wiv' my unfinished business.
I hope there aren’t any more of those things out there...
Enjoy using those things I gave you. I might even come out of retirement!


  • During The Hungering Deep event, a picture was sent via twitter[1] to Sea of Thieves' handle, which had a player character (Dr Nefari0us) dancing next to Merrick who looked very similar in appearance, and captioned "Hey @SeaOfThieves its me, merricks son, derrick". After the event was completed and Merrick was removed from the game, an in-game portrait of the two characters was left at his camp. When interacting with the painting, text reads "Met me son Derrick for the first time! Well, he says he's me son. How can I deny it wiv a handsome mug like that?"
  • Merrick lost both of his legs to the Megalodon, and now has double peglegs.
  • A parrot took his eye. He describes the bird as a "huge, fearsome, vicious, crazed beast".
  • Prior to the Hungering Deep campaign, Pirate Times described a livestock thief fitting Merrick's description.