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Molten Sands Fortress
Molten Sands Fortress-s.png
Type [[Fortress icon.png Fortress]]
Region The Devil's Roar icon.png The Devil's Roar
Coordinates Z-11

Molten Sands Fortress is one of the Fortress Locations in Sea of Thieves located within Region of The Devil's Roar at coordinate Z-11.


Molten Sands Fortress is located at the very North-Eastern point of The Devil's Roar and is the only Fortress located in the Region. Like other Large Islands in the Roar, Molten Sands Fortress also has an active Volcano. The Island itself is composed of two separate landmasses. The Southern Landmass houses the Volcano, the Northern Landmass houses the Fortification itself surrounded by three Cannon Towers.

Skeleton Fort Event[]

Molten Sands Fortress has a chance to become an active Skeleton Fort. Structurally, Molten Sands Fortress acts identically to other Skeleton Fort Events, but the increased risk of a Volcano also rewards players with Treasure of an increased value.

When active, a large Skull cloud will appear above Molten Sands Fortress, after which each of the Fort's Cannons become manned by Skeletons who attack any players who sail close.

As with other Skeleton Forts, this World Event is composed of 12 regular waves of Skeletons. Some of these waves can spawn Ashen Skeletons, who are resistant to Fire Damage. These waves are followed by 3 Captain waves, after which the Event is over. The only difference from regular Fort events is that the Skeleton Lord boss drops a Skeleton's Orders map with various Treasure items.

The Fortress Vault on Molten Sands Fortress uncovers Ashen versions of Treasure Items instead of normal versions, a guaranteed Chest of Rage, and a heightened chance of containing two Humble Gifts or Generous Gifts.