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Murder Mystery
Mystery 01 0524 Who Killed DeMarco message.jpg
Type Mystery
Duration May 17th, 2022 - ???

The murder mystery was the first Mystery which began on May 17th, 2022. Through clues both online and in-game, the Mystery will see players investigating the murder of DeMarco.

The Remains at Sea Dog's Rest

(May 19, 2022) Skeletal remains are discovered on Sea Dog's Rest. Found on the remains are the clothing and belongings of DeMarco Singh, including his necklace, trousers, gloves, boots, belt, satchel, a bottle, and his hat. His jacket is missing.

Close by is a music box playing "Seek the Dead", and several footprints lead away toward a group of rocks where a note can be found.

DeMarco's sister, Lesedi can also be found nearby, seated haphazardly on the ground drinking from a tankard.

Notable characters

This list is a collection of notable character information that may pertain to the mystery such as recent interactions and possible grievances with DeMarco.

Notable character information
Name Location Information
DeMarco Singh (Murder victim)
(Sea Dogs co-founder)
Sea Dog's Rest
  • Recently chose to disband the Sea Dogs, seemingly as the result of a visit from his father, Ramsey Singh the Pirate Lord.
Lesedi Singh
(Sister & Sea Dogs co-founder)
Sea Dog's Rest
  • Was not consulted or aware of DeMarco's plans to disband the Sea Dogs.
  • Feels betrayed. "I hate him going behind my back like this. But not as much as I hate not knowing why."
  • Found on Sea Dog's Rest appearing despondent and sorrowful, seated haphazardly on the ground drinking from a tankard.
Ramsey Singh
(Father & Pirate Lord)
Athena's Fortune Hideout
  • Ramsey's visit to DeMarco prompted the choice to dissolve the Sea Dogs.
  • Has nothing notable to say regarding the remains on Sea Dog's Rest.
(Sea Dogs vice-leader)
  • Arrogant and highly competitive.
  • Saw herself to be superior to DeMarco and Lesedi.
  • Believed she would one day be in charge of the Sea Dogs.
  • Missing for a while since DeMarco disbanded the Sea Dogs.
  • Was falsely accused for murdering DeMarco.

Notable information

Icon legend:   Globe icon.png = Web     Reaper's Mark icon.png = In-game

Globe icon.png  DeMarco with red rum bottles (video)
Time: March 7, 2022 15:00 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves Season Six: Official Content Update Video at 2:17
Details: During the "Sea of Thieves Season Six: Official Content Update Video", DeMarco can be seen sitting with a Crate of Devil's Rum Bottles. "Red rum" backwards spells out the word "murder".
Globe icon.png  Sea Dog's Rest video
Time: May 19, 2022 14:08 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves official YouTube channel
Details: Sea of Thieves shared a video across their social media titled simply with a skull emoji (💀). The video shows a music box on Sea Dog's Rest playing We Shall Sail Together. The music switches to a rusty, minor tone as the camera pans to the skeletal remains of what is presumed to be DeMarco. One frame at the end shows the text "WHO?" over a colour-inverted view of the same scene.


Reaper's Mark icon.png  Skeleton and music box at Sea Dog's Rest
Time: May 19, 2022 14:21 UTC
Details: A human's skeletal remains by a unplayable music box are found in-game on Sea Dog's Rest directly after the YouTube video showing the scene is uploaded. A note attached to the skeleton reads "It's just remains... What could have happened here?". The remains are presumed to belong to DeMarco as his hat, satchel and pendant are present.
Globe icon.png  Music box: MM and circling arrows
Time: May 24, 2022 08:55 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves Twitter
Details: Sea of Thieves tweeted "Are we seeing things?" along with an image of the music box and skeletal remains on Sea Dog's Rest. The music box in this image is shown to have two arrows circling each other carved onto its left-hand side. The letters "MM" are engraved too, relating to the roman numerals for 2000. This post was a call for 2000 retweets on the tweet, the circling arrows bearing a resemblance to the Twitter retweet icon, at which point a number of occurrences began happening in-game.


Reaper's Mark icon.png  Lesedi, Fallen Sea Dog Lantern, and grave notes
Time: May 24, 2022 20:31 UTC
Details: When the tweet captioned "Are we seeing things?" reached 2000 retweets, a number of occurrences began to happen in-game immediately.
  • The music box on Sea Dog's Rest begins to play Seek the Dead on repeat.
  • A sorrowful Lesedi appears on the north west beach. When spoken to she says "I can't... not right now... Just leave me alone...".
  • Footprints lead from the music box to a nearby note behind a rock. The note reads "From shell of red into water of deep, the truth shall come to light...".
  • A red shell on the south east beach points towards an Old Sailor's Chest underwater in the ocean.
  • When interacted with, the chest permanently rewards the Fallen Sea Dog Lantern to keep.
  • The Fallen Sea Dog Lantern can be used to reveal text written on the north beach reading "WHO KILLED DEMARCO?".
  • The lantern can be used to reveal notes attached to graves on islands all over the Sea of Thieves.


Globe icon.png  Music box: MMM & "wind" symbol (video)
Time: May 25, 2022 20:34 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves Twitter
Details: Sea of Thieves tweeted "Are we hearing things?" along with a video of the music box on Sea Dog's Rest playing Seek the Dead.
  • The music box has letters "MMM" engraved on the front next to a symbol resembling wind blowing a cloud from right to left (east to west).
    • The previous circling arrows and "MM" are on the left-hand side.


Globe icon.png  Skull clouds, knots, "wind" symbol, "boat"
Time: June 3, 2022 10:47 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves Twitter
Details: Sea of Thieves tweeted "We know we're hallucinating but imagine if this could actually happen though." with an accompanying image featuring a view looking out toward the main dock at Sanctuary Outpost with seven Skull Clouds in the sky.
  • 7 Skull Clouds (a mix between regular Skeleton Forts, Forts of Fortune, and Fort of the Damned).
  • 3 Dock flags (front to back:
    • Figure 8 knot (normal knot as seen in-game)
    • Overhand knot (edited knot)
    • "Cloud/Wind" symbol from earlier "MMM Music Box" clue but rotated "blowing" upward (south to north).
  • A nearby rowboat with text ("BOAT") hidden on its front.


Globe icon.png  Keys hidden on website
Time: June 8, 2022 08:47 UTC
Details: Icons of keys were found hidden in different pages across the official Sea of Thieves website. When clicked, each icon lead to separate page with an image of that key. Each key featured a different symbol and word engraved on it.


Reaper's Mark icon.png  Rowboat notes
Time: June 8, 2022 16:37 UTC
Details: Once 3000 people had visited the wind key page on the Sea of Thieves website, a number of occurrences began happening in-game immediately.
Globe icon.png  "C" on Fallen Sea Dog Lantern
Time: June 16, 2022 16:00 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves Twitter
Details: Sea of Thieves shared an image across official social channels of an off-screen pirate holding the Fallen Sea Dog Lantern on Sea Dog's Rest. The letter "C" can be seen on the top edge of the lantern.


Globe icon.png  Music box: Turn, Heart, IV with line above - "We Shall See Together"
Time: June 20, 2022 03:41 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves Twitter
Details: Sea of Thieves shared an a night scene image of the music box on Sea Dog's Rest with newly added heart, arrow and IV with a line above, in addition to the previous symbols.
  • In roman numerals, I̅V̅ represents "4,000".
  • The arrow symbol was previously seen on a key labelled with "TURN" which was hidden on the official Sea of Thieves website.


Reaper's Mark icon.png  Siren Shrine and Siren Treasury notes
Time: June 20, 2022 17:49 UTC
Details: A number of occurrences began happening in-game.
Globe icon.png  #WhoIsT?
Time: June 24, 2022 10:55 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves Twitter
Details: Sea of Thieves shared an image with an accompanying caption of "Where did this come from? #WhoIsT?".

The image is of a note with a conversation between DeMarco and Lesedi:

Double Quotations Left.png

DeMarco: I don't have time for this, Lesedi. We're finished here.
Lesedi: NO. We are NOT finished, DeMarco. Get back here! DeMarco!
I can't let him do this... whatever it takes. I have to... Huh? What was the sound? There's a skelly hiding here! Get out of the way, T-

On a scrap of paper behind is written "Who is T?".

Reaper's Mark icon.png  Fallen Sea Dog Lantern reveals dialogue with "T" named NPCs, Lesedi missing
Time: June 24, 2022 10:55 UTC
Details: Hinted at by, and immediately after, the "#WhoIsT?" post, Tavern and Equipment Shop NPCs, who all have names beginning with "T", are found to have unique dialogue lines when spoken to while holding the Fallen Sea Dog Lantern. Additionally, Lesedi is missing from Sea Dog's Rest.

Golden Sands Outpost:

Dialogue icon.png



What's all this about then? Are you saying it's not bright enough in here?
Hmm... Maybe you're right! I've been working so hard on rebuilding I might have missed a candle here or there.
I swore I'd throw a party once this place was open again, but right now all I really want is a snooze!

Dialogue icon.png



Oh, that lantern of yours looks rather weathered. Are you after a replacement?
Well then, let Tom show you his neeeeew PREMIUM SELECTION!
Is what I'd like to say, but I've been so busy rebuilding, this is still my claaasssic ASSORTMENT! Sorry.

Sanctuary Outpost:

Dialogue icon.png



Hey there, pirate. You can call me Tracy, just let me know whenever you want anything.
...For example, you might want to put that lantern away and pull out a tankard instead. It's better for holding your grog!
Mind you, one of my tavernkeeper ancestors used to serve what he called a 'Hot Groggy' warmed over the coals of the hearth. Is that what you're ordering?

Dialogue icon.png



Hello there! You look like you've got something important on your mind.
The only person I've seen looking as pensive as you was that clean-shaven lad I glimpsed the other day.
I'm not sure what had them so perplexed - but I suppose Criminal Cave can be a dangerous place.

Ancient Spire Outpost:

Dialogue icon.png



You know, I'm not one to gossip, but you've just reminded me of a visitor we had in here the other night!
The Pirate Lord's son ordering a drink in my very own tavern! If I weren't so tight-lipped, I'd be shouting about it from the rooftops.
He seemed very anxious, though, and kept checking his pocket watch. Said he had to be away before the clock struck twelve... Anyway, keep that to yourself!

Dialogue icon.png



Sorry, I'm not really in the mood to talk. I just feel so... confined stuck here day in, day out.
Not like that DeMarco chap. I saw him ambling off to Discovery Ridge without a care in the world. It's alright for some...

Plunder Outpost:

Dialogue icon.png



Yeah? It's a lantern, what about it?
Lots of people acting strangely these days.
Look at Tracy. Meeting a stranger on top of a bridge that high? It was weird.

Dialogue icon.png



That's a fine lantern you've swiped, but what about a new spyglass to go with it?
I've got a great model that's so powerful I was able to spy some lass skulking by a cave painting, even though the sun was barely up!
And it also-- hang on, no, I sold that one yesterday. Oh well. Sorry to get your hopes up!

Dagger Tooth Outpost:

Dialogue icon.png



Mind me eyessshh! I'm a little the worssshhh for wear today.
Leeasssshhttt it's q-q-quieter than the other day when Trassshhyyy went missshhing.
I HAD TO C-C-COVER her whole ssshhhiffft. My whole af... afternoon waaaassshteed. Gruuggh...

Dialogue icon.png



I could have used a lantern like that on the day I saw that strange lady sneaking around.
Why did she wander all alone, seated on a chair of bone?
It's quite perplexing. And everyone knows I HATE riddles!

Galleon's Grave Outpost:

Dialogue icon.png



Here for one of my special grogs? I thought so! They're all the rage lately.
I had someone make the trip here just for a tankard of 'Crimson Rotter' to calm their nerves.
They were very excited. Something about a sunset rendezvous... How romantic!

Dialogue icon.png



Enter, weary traveller, and take respite from the burdens of oceanic existence.
Why, I declare your aspect even more bedraggled than the poor soul I encountered while venturing afield upon my midday constitutional!
They tarried between roaring flame and thundering water. A gamut of elemental sensations! Truth be told, it was somewhat vexations, so I bade them farewell. Ah, kismet...

Morrow's Peak Outpost:

Dialogue icon.png



Hello, stranger! I must say, I'm seeing a lot of new faces here these days.
The other day I had an out-of-towner arrive who seemed... well, completely lost, if I'm honest.
He was looking rather scorched and kept muttering about campfires. Nearly drank me dry!

Dialogue icon.png



Oh dear, my friend. As lanterns go, that's not a particularly ostentatious example, is it!
I'm sure I can find something a little more deluxe for you to go showing off around the Outposts.
Is it a gilded handle you're after? Or perhaps some gemstone studding. Please, do browse my wares and let me know!

The Glorious Sea Dog:

Dialogue icon.png



Is it lantern insurance you're after? My policies are very popular at the moment.
Just the other day I provided full coverage to one of my counterparts who was taking a trip into the Roar.
It was a little pricey, but better safe than sorry if you're heading to The Devil's Thirst. And besides, I've got a wife and twelve kids to think about!

Reaper's Mark icon.png  Outpost NPC dialogue leads to ghostly visions
Time: June 24, 2022 12:03 UTC
Details: Clues in outpost NPC dialogue, revealed by holding the Fallen Sea Dog Lantern led to a number of times and locations. At each, ghostly visions of DeMarco meeting with certain outpost NPCs can be seen on these islands while holding the Fallen Sea Dog Lantern at specific in-game times. Each vision is visible for 1 in-game hour.
  • The Devil's Thirst: DeMarco and Tad by a campfire at midnight.
    • DeMarco is holding a pocket watch with the time 6:15 or 18:15 showing.
    • Led to by Tracy mentioning "Hot Groggy", Tasha mentioning "night" and "clock struck twelve", Tallulah mentioning "campfires", and Tristan mentioning "The Devil's Thirst".
  • Smugglers' Bay: DeMarco and Tracy by the high south bridge at 15:00.
    • Tracy is holding a note with a speaking trumpet symbol, along with "LI" and "VII", translating into roman numerals for "51" and "7".
    • Led to by Tanya mentioning "on top of a bridge that high", and Teri mentioning "Trassshhyyy went missshhing" and "afternoon".
  • Discovery Ridge: DeMarco and Umbra on the small, round islet at sunrise.
    • Umbra is holding sheet music with the notes "D C A" and "D D" written.
    • Led to by Tim mentioning "Discovery Ridge", and Travis mentioning "lass skulking by a cave painting" and "sun was barely up".
  • Crook's Hollow: DeMarco and Colin by a campfire at the east cave entrance at noon.
    • There are two dice on the ground, a D6 with "5" showing and a D12 with "7" showing.
    • Led to by Tyler mentioning "Criminal Cave", and Trevor mentioning "midday" and "between roaring flame and thundering water".
  • Marauder's Arch: DeMarco and Scarlett by the Skeleton Throne at sunset (20:30).
    • Scarlett is holding a compass which is pointing to the north, and DeMarco is pointing to the west.
    • Led to by Tony mentioning "chair of bone", and Tess mentioning "sunset rendezvous".


Reaper's Mark icon.png  Music boxes found near traders
Time: June 24, 2022 12:03 UTC
Details: Music boxes can be found nearby to traders, such as seapost traders and island delivery NPCs. When interacted with, these music boxes will randomly select from the regular set of music box shanties.
Globe icon.png  Code hidden in TikTok video
Time: June 27, 2022 19:00 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves TikTok at 1:09
Details: Sea of Thieves posted a TikTok video recapping the events of the Mystery so far. At 1:09, a code can be seen running vertically up the left-hand side of the video. The code reads "S4NOB59FBMN7I9B".


Globe icon.png  Codes hidden in Order of Souls Tweet
Time: June 28, 2022 21:30 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves Twitter
Details: Sea of Thieves posted a Tweet with an image of an Order of Souls tent captioned "What secrets would the Order of Souls find if they searched your memories?". Four codes are hidden in this image.
  • "QR7" on the left pillar
  • "ARBOY" on the left barrel
  • "B4" on the left barrel
  • "3946" on the back skull flame table

Other information

It is unclear how — or if — the following pertain to the current mystery.

Globe icon.png  Becalmed - Lofi Mix
Time: November 12, 2021 11:14 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves Spotify
Details: In November of 2021, Sea of Thieves released a lofi remix of Becalmed.
  • The music video on YouTube features Lesedi, DeMarco's sister, looking over a mysterious map as a music box plays in the background.
    • The compass in the upper-right corner of this map does not have an east.
  • The lyrics shown on Spotify are different to the lyrics of the regular version of Becalmed.
Dialogue icon.png

Becalmed - Lofi Mix Lyrics


Becalmed says ye to sail upon the sea
When we come live on
Our home is here
Fight on for hate
Where the dead have laid
To grieve under the sand they have cried
Where the ocean will sing
Becalmed says they honor has won
Good-bye from home the brave land
I now come sailing through sea
I now come finding home
Fell in love with the ocean's voice
Many men lost tonight
The beast of the deep now sleeps
With the code in my mind I speak
For hope is lost by the moonlight
Blood spills upon the ocean floor
Set to find or venture fate
Now you see empty hands from war
Our ship is no longer on the waves

Reaper's Mark icon.png  Missing paintings
Time: May 12, 2022
Details: Paintings found on some Sea Forts, identical to those in The Glorious Sea Dog interior, were removed in patch 2.5.2 and replaced with empty frames.
Globe icon.png  Introduction to Mysteries video, N-E-W-S
Time: May 17, 2022 15:30 UTC
Source: An Introduction to Mysteries: Official Sea of Thieves
Details: Sea of Thieves shared "An Introduction to Mysteries: Official Sea of Thieves" YouTube video.
  • Letters spelling out the word "NEWS" can be seen hidden in the background of the video.
  • Two scenes from the video show two different locations where rune tablets used as teasers in the lead-up to A Pirate's Life can be found. These tablets have certain skeleton runes engraved on them.


Globe icon.png  ##mysterykey-spin##
Time: May 17, 2022 16:27 UTC
Source: Legend Spotlight - SourScar, Sea of Thieves News
Details: The text "##mysterykey-spin##" was found on "Legend Spotlight - SourScar" Sea of Thieves News page. This text was removed from the site at 16:57, 20 minutes after its discovery.


Reaper's Mark icon.png  Missing scroll on Imperial Crown Fortress
Time: May 19, 2022
Details: A scroll previously found attached to a pillar on the third floor of Imperial Crown Fortress was removed and replaced with a single dagger, pinned to the wooden support beam.


Globe icon.png  We Shall Sail Together 1989 Retro Mix
Time: May 20, 2022 11:18 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves Twitter
Details: Sea of Thieves released a "retro rendition" of We Shall Sail Together, mentioning in a tweet "sail like it’s 1989!".
  • In 1989 Rare released Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a single-player murder mystery game.
  • Attempts had been made by the community to locate a game location similar to the cover artwork, with one possible location being the west beach of Thieves' Haven, however this has not provided any substantial information.


Globe icon.png  Snake's nice
Time: May 22, 2022 07:51 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves Twitter
Details: Across official social channels, Sea of Thieves posted "Snake's nice." along with an image of a piece of snake cooking on a campfire at Devil's Ridge.
  • A shape mistakenly thought to resemble the skeleton rune for "song" was believed to be visible on a wooden stick behind the fire. While the pattern is unusual, it does not appear to be a rune.
  • Other relevant information within the image has not been found.


Globe icon.png  Spotify Code
Time: May 22, 2022 08:31 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves website
Details: A promotional image used for the Community Hub can be seen on the front page of the Sea of Thieves website with part of a Spotify Code in the bottom left corner of the image. The image, depicting a group of pirates celebrating around the stage in The Glorious Sea Dog interior, has been used elsewhere on the site, but only on the front page is the portion of the code present. The eight bars shown in the symbol are identical to the right-hand side of the Spotify Code linking to the official Sea of Thieves Spotify profile.
  • Note: It is uncertain if this is a remnant from a previous promotion.


Globe icon.png  DeMarco and Lesedi drink chest #TriviaTuesday
Time: June 14, 2022 18:00 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves Twitter
Details: For "#TriviaTuesday", Sea of Thieves shared a stylised, but reused, image across official social channels of DeMarco and Lesedi ready to fight alongside each other. The tweet caption reads "DeMarco and Lesedi had a tempestuous relationship growing up. The squabbling siblings were encouraged to reconcile by the Pirate Lord, who guided them to the Sea of Thieves and left them a chest that could only be opened by sharing a drink.".


Globe icon.png  DeMarco and Lesedi defeating an enemy #TriviaTuesday
Time: June 28, 2022 18:00 UTC
Source: Sea of Thieves Twitter
Details: For "#TriviaTuesday", Sea of Thieves shared a reused image of the Gold Hoarder across official social channels. The tweet caption reads "DeMarco and Lesedi made a number of powerful enemies in their time sailing the Sea of Thieves. Their first adventure attracted the attention of the infamous Gold Hoarder, and the twins also played a part in the defeat of another tyrannical figure...".



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