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Mysterious Journal
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Type Journal
Location Various


The Mysterious Journal functions very similarly to the Message in a Bottle. It takes the form of a journal, found at random and rarely on Islands. When read, it will provide a brief narrative before giving one map to the map wheel of every pirate in a crew. This map can be a Treasure MapRiddle Map, or Bounty Map. Quests from the journal do not have to be completed in order to complete a crew's Voyage.

Known Journals[]

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The fierce partnership and the lifetime of piracy they shared now endures to far more treacherous ends.
The bonds must be broken. Only the Order can release them now.

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What heart there was, now lies only bones. The Cap'n looks thinner now but his rage stays whole.
Eternal adventure under the mast says he, but our burden is heavy. No need for gold and trinkets... not where we be bound
The price be paid to be sure, and what a price it be. Beware this fate, those who follow thee.


  • At least one Journal looks to be written by a pirate whose Captain has turned (or is turning) to a skeleton.