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Disambig.png This article is about the male Mysterious Stranger currently found in game. For the female Mysterious Stranger who is no longer found in Taverns, see Gloria.
Mysterious Stranger
Mysterious Stranger.png
Type NPC
Location Taverns
Company Athena's Fortune icon.png Athena's Fortune
Voice Actor Tim Watson
Double Quotations Left.png
Soon be a legend, yes?

The Mysterious Stranger, also known as George, is the NPC representative for the Athena's Fortune Trading Company. He can be found in the Taverns at Outposts. He once shared representative responsibilities with another Mysterious Stranger named Gloria, but has since become the sole company liaison.

The Mysterious Stranger greets fresh players entering The Sea of Thieves, guiding them to the Onboarding Voyage so that they may learn about Voyages and Trading Companies. On further interactions, he will encourage players while they level up their reputation with the Trading Companies on their path to becoming a Pirate Legend. Upon meeting the legendary requirements, the Stranger will grant the player the Pirate Legend title and legendary clothing, along with the Shanty of Legends which allows them access into the Athena's Fortune Hideout.


After the Maiden Voyage[]

Mysterious Stranger

Aha, another new face. That was quite the celebration when you arrived... I am not surprised you don't remember it.
The Pirate Lord told me to expect you. I hope you are prepared for the adventure that awaits... and the danger.
You will need gold if you are to prosper, but there are ways to see to that.
Several trading companies have a presence across the Sea of Thieves.
Here, on this Outpost, you can meet with - the Gold Hoarders, the Merchant Alliance and the Order of Souls.
Don't be fooled, these aren't the stuffy bureaucrats you're used to from the wider world. They'll readily pay pirates who are willing to take on work.
Make yourself known and they will offer you voyages to prove yourself.
Think of them as an initiation... or a way to make coin if you prefer.
You will find your ship waiting outside, as well as food and supplies... if you know where to look.
When you are ready for a greater challenge, come back and speak with me again.

Before Max Reputation[]

Dialogue icon.png

Greetings, pirate.
I've seen plenty of pirates pass through that door. A few became real legends...

Why are you lurking in the shadows?

Hah! I like to keep myself to myself, unless I spot someone who's got the potential to do great deeds.
Not everyone who drinks here seeks fame and glory. The pirate life means different things to different people.
But if I meet anyone who's got it in 'em to be more than what they are... Well, I'm here to set them on the right path.

What do you mean, 'legends'?

Pirates of real renown! The sort that anyone can recognise as experienced explorers and hardened fighters.
Out here, everyone thrives on their reputation. The clothes you wear, the ship you sail – all of it tells your story.
True pirate legends have tried their hands at just about everything and are trusted by the local Trading Companies.
Becoming known as Pirate Legend is the first step on the journey to finding Athena's Fortune...

I want to make a name for myself!

Glad to hear it! I'm sure you've got what it takes, but you'll need to convince the Trading Companies too.
If you work with them and build up your reputation, they might offer you a promotion... though those don't come cheap.
If you can earn the highest promotion from three different companies, you'll be considered a true Pirate Legend!
On that day, come back and see me. I have a secret to share with those who are worthy...

Max Reputation[]

Dialogue icon.png

Greetings, pirate.

Accept the Shanty of Legends

You've fought long and hard to prove your worth and battled the odds all across the Sea of Thieves. You're a true Pirate Legend and no mistake!
I've been told it's time for me to pass along our secret... The path to Athena's Fortune is yours to tread.
There is a tune that's been handed down from pirate to pirate, and you've earned the right to know it.
Play your instrument in a tavern like this one, and the way forward shall be revealed...
Don't think you can afford to take it easy though. Now that you're a Pirate Legend, your journey's only just begun...

Pirate Legend[]

Dialogue icon.png

I've been hearing stories... You're really making your mark out there!

Are you a ghost?

Hardly. Let's just say I arrive on the Sea of Thieves under... unusual circumstances.
The Pirate Lord was good enough to recognise that I have a number of unique talents, and I became his envoy shortly after.
I keep watch in the taverns, seeking out pirates who might have the potential to become Legends and setting them on the right path.
There are those that would sooner see us at one another's throats, so I'm always glad to welcome new faces to Athena's Fortune.

About that shanty...

It's an old tune, but we gave it new meaning out here. We used to sing it as part of the Pirate Lord's Alliance when he was alive.
That was always his ambition – to unite the Sea of Thieves so that we'd stop bickering and swiping gold from one another.
Nowadays, of course, we use it to open the path to where Athena's Fortune rests. It's a pirate password, I suppose.

Do you trust the trading companies?

I trust them to stick to whatever bargains they strike. You won't last long in these parts if you keep breaking your word.
Beyond that... Well, they keep one another in check most of the time. Even the Gold Hoarders have to play by the rules.
And every now and then, a new company like the Bilge Rats will appear and stir things up. Heh... Keeps life interesting.
As long as nobody ever goes the way of the Grand Maritime Union, I think we'll all get along.

The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale[]

Opening Voice Lines


One moment. You'd do well to heed my warning, for this is no ordinary voyage you're contemplating!
Few pirates have even heard of the Shores of Gold, let alone seen them with their own eyes.
They say it's an island riddled with untold riches, ancient secrets, hidden tombs, and deadly traps.
But you won't find it on any map, for it was swallowed up by the mists of the Devil's Shroud.
This book is the journal of the Pirate Lord himself.
It tells of his first ship, the Magpie's Wing and the journey he took to find the mythical Shroudbreaker-
The only way to part the fog and reach the Shores of Gold!
If you dare to follow in the footsteps of the greatest pirate who ever lived, then take the journal and use it to find the wreck of the Magpie's Wing.
It holds clues to the Shroudbreaker's whereabouts.
Bring it to me, and I'll set you on your way to the Shores of Gold.
But don't be fooled. Only the bravest, strongest pirates will be able to make it back alive…
I wish you luck. You're going to need it.
Heh heh heh...

Closing Voice Lines


Great Ramsey's Ghost! I heard all the stories, but to actually hold the Shroudbreaker in my hands… I never thought I would see the day.
Something's wrong...
There should be four jewels set in the base that grant the Shroudbreaker its power, but they've been removed.
Without them, you won't last five minutes in that fog.
Now let me think...I did hear tell that Captain Briggsy made it to the Shores of Gold.
If that's true, she might know the whereabouts of these missing stones. Not that she'd ever say.
Sometimes, even the best pirates fall victim to their greed or hatred, and it changes them.
Strips the flesh from their bones. Gives 'em power, but twisted 'em up inside. Briggsy is one such abomination.
People call them Skeleton Lords and most pirates flee at their approach.
Not even the Order of Souls dares challenge them, and rightfully so, but you… you are going to have to hunt one down.
I have eyes and ears across the Sea of Thieves, if you gather any of the missing pieces, I'll see they're restored to the Shroudbreaker on your behalf.
For now, head to Plunder Outpost and speak with Madame Olivia about Briggsy's whereabouts.
Remember, Skeleton Lords are NOT to be taken lightly.

Before the Anniversary Update[]

Dialogue icon.png

Gloria: Let it be known that Gloria's my name, Here I await for those with fame.
George: My name is George and I may hold the key, through stories untold upon the sea.

(Reputation 0-5)

Your reputation is low as you arrive, my first goal's set at all companies five.

(Reputation 5-10)

All companies now five the next is ten, your reputation builds so come back then.

(Reputation 15-20)

Fifteen show promise but there remains plenty, set sail now to all reputation twenty.

(Reputation 20-30)

To get this far pirates often play dirty, now get reputation thirty.

(Reputation 30-35)

I see this world your reputation thrive, show me your worth and reach thirty five!

(Reputation 35-45)

An accomplished few at this reputation arrive, most never destined to reach forty five.

(Reputation 45-50)

Your reputation is vast but my lips remain sealed, they'll part at fifty then my secrets revealed!

(Reputation 50)

Through many voyages upon the sea, you searched to find the legends key. Now one last step to pass the tests, to find where Athena's Fortune rests. Take this tune and make a sound, the secret lies near in the ground.

(Pirate Legend)

Greetings, legend! Although you may a legend be, your fate still waits upon the sea!


Patch history[]

  • 1.1.6
    • Mysterious Stranger conversation text is now correctly localised in German, French, Italian and Spanish.