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This article contains information that may ruin your enjoyment of discovering the game's secrets for yourself. Read at your own risk!

NPCs are Non-player Characters in The Sea of Thieves. They can serve a variety of purposes, such as Shopkeepers, Trading Company representative, and also as part of Quests and Tall Tales.

Outpost NPCs[]

These are all the NPCs that appear on Outposts. Each Outpost has set NPCs for the Tavern, the Shops and the three main Trading Companies.

The Shores of Plenty[]

Golden Sands Outpost[]

Sanctuary Outpost[]

The Ancient Isles[]

Ancient Spire Outpost[]

Plunder Outpost[]

The Wilds[]

Dagger Tooth Outpost[]

Galleon's Grave Outpost[]

The Devil's Roar[]

Morrow's Peak Outpost[]

Seapost NPCs[]

These are all the NPCs that appear on Seaposts. Each Seapost houses a Shopkeeper and a Hunter's Call Representative.

The Shores of Plenty[]

The Spoils of Plenty Store[]

The North Star Seapost[]

The Ancient Isles[]

The Finest Trading Post[]

Stephen's Spoils[]

The Wilds[]

Three Paces East Seapost[]

The Wild Treasures Store[]

The Devil's Roar[]

Brian's Bazaar[]

Roaring Traders[]

Island NPCs[]

Some Large Islands house lonely outcasts who peddle in Cargo Run goods.

The Shores of Plenty[]

The Wilds[]

The Ancient Isles[]

The Devil's Roar[]

Miscellaneous NPCs[]

These are the NPCs that appear in various locations that cannot be categorised under any other Locations.

Ferry of the Damned NPCs[]

The Glorious Sea Dog NPCs[]

These are the NPCs of the Glorious Sea Dog Tavern that acts as the Arena game-mode lobby. Most of these NPCs can also be found at The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern in Adventure Mode.

Athena's Fortune Hideout NPCs[]

These are the NPCs found at the Athena's Fortune Hideout hidden under every Tavern in Adventure Mode. Only accessible to Pirate Legends.

Tall Tales NPCs[]

These are all the various characters that appear as a part of Tall Tales.

Quest Givers[]

These are the NPCs who give the player the Tall Tale Books in chronological order:

Miscellaneous Tall Tale NPCs[]

Missing NPCs[]

Non-game NPCs[]

Not every character in the history of Sea of Thieves have made appearances in the game. The following characters have been featured in other source material outside the game.