Old Sailor Isle

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Old Sailor Isle
Old Sailor’s Isle.png
Type Island
Animals Chicken
Related Maiden Voyage

Old Sailor Isle is a Large Island in Sea of Thieves unique to Maiden Voyage. It is located outside the Sea of Thieves and cannot be accessed in Adventure or Arena mode.

The island acts as a starting point for brand-new buccaneers to find their sea legs under the supervision of the esteemed Pirate Lord before making their journey into The Sea of Thieves.

Maiden Voyage[edit | edit source]

Main article: Maiden Voyage

Old Sailor Isle is the Island location of the Maiden Voyage tutorial. New Pirates will begin with here, and seasoned Pirates can access the Voyage from the Main Menu at any time.

Pirates will find themselves stranded on the Island with their Sloop broken down on the shoreline. Follow the Pirate Lord's instructions, progressing through meant to fix their Sloop and sail towards The Sea of Thieves.

Description[edit | edit source]

Old Sailor Isle is a Large Island with lush vegetation, two peaks and a massive shipwreck of the Pirate Lord's Ship, Magpie's Fortune, on one side of the Island.

The Island has many hidden Caves and secrets that can unlock Commendations.

Chickens roam around the shorelines, and Fish can be caught in the surrounding waters, and Pondies in some of its ponds. There are two Campfires on the Island for cooking meat. A Rowboat can be found in one of the hidden caves. There are also 10 Journals written by the Pirate Lord that are scattered all across the Island.

The island seems to be located south of The Ancient Isles as one can see an island that is probably Thieves' Haven after passing through The Devil's Shroud.