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Type NPC
Location The Spoils of Plenty Store

Peter is the Shopkeeper at The Spoils of Plenty Store Seapost.


Dialogue icon.png

Welcome to The Spoils of Plenty! I'm Peter, this is my parrot Paul. We've got all the best items for a pirate in a pinch.

Hi Peter! Where's your parrot?

Right here, on my shoulder! This pirate needs glasses, Paul.
Oh, did you hear that? He repeated me. Clever lad!
He's very well trained, but does get excited around new people.
No, Paul! Stop that! Sorry, he's just curious.
Why are you looking at me funny?

Is Paul... invisible?

Haha! Oh, you are a wit.
No offence, but you're the tenth person to make that joke today.
Hey Paul, are you an invisible parrot? Or are you imaginary, like Tracy at the Tavern said?
See, of course he isn't. Some pirates have very silly ideas.
Haha! You can say that again, Paul. Classic.

What do you and Paul stock?

Well, we aim to help a pirate on the move grab all sorts of useful items, but our stock changes all the time.
It's whatever I can get my hands on, really.
No Paul, no crackers for you, today. Silly bird!
Ouch, he nipped me! You saw that, right?