Pigs are non-hostile Creatures that are found on various islands in Sea of Thieves. They are primarily included in Merchant Alliance voyages after reaching level 5. In these voyages one must collect a pig cage(s) from the Merchant Alliance vendor (cages can also be found laying around on islands, as well), catch the voyage-specific pig(s), and return it to the specified vendor before the specific time and date.

Pigs sell for various prices depending on their type, and can be captured and sold when not on voyages at a much lower amount. Players should note that pigs can die when left unattended as they must be fed, so it's advised that players stay nearby, and feed the Pig a banana when it starts to squeal.




  • When selling Pigs while not on a Merchant voyage they will sell for a significantly smaller amount of gold than when on a voyage requesting that animal.
  • Snakes will attack Pigs when they get near them, likely killing them. So be careful where you place these animals on your ship.
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