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Pirate Lord
Pirate Lord.png
Type NPC
Location Athena's Fortune Hideout
Voice Actor Clive Wood
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His skill with blades of all kinds was exemplary, his cunning unparalleled and his knowledge of the workings of the world could not be matched by anyone who dared to cross him.
— Captain Flameheart Jr, Tales from the Sea of Thieves

Ramsey Singh, better known as the Pirate Lord, is the ghostly founder of the Athena's Fortune company in Sea of Thieves. Ramsey is known for captaining the first voyage through The Devil's Shroud and discovering The Sea of Thieves. For his legendary deeds on the Sea of Thieves, he was named the Pirate Lord.

He can be found in the Captain's Cabin of the shipwreck of the Athena's Fortune Hideout, offering Legendary Voyages.

Players first meet the Pirate Lord during the Maiden Voyage at Old Sailor Isle, where he shows new pirates the ropes of being a thief, and guides them into the Sea of Thieves.

Official description[]

In life, Ramsey the Pirate Lord was one of the first treasure seekers to make it safely to the Sea of Thieves. It’s said that he amassed an incredible fortune and discovered many powerful artefacts before finally retiring to enjoy his spoils in a self-built tavern fashioned from the hull of a mighty Galleon.

No-one’s sure what circumstances led to the death of the Pirate Lord, but when he’s not out welcoming new pirates to the Sea of Thieves or helping to stall the schemes of tyrants, his spirit still resides in that same tavern. It’s a place where only true Pirate Legends are invited to tread, and no self-respecting sailor would pass up an opportunity to share a drink with the Pirate Lord himself[1].


Ramsey Singh is one of the first pirates to plunder the Sea of Thieves, along with the crew of the Magpie's Wing, made up of Ramsey, Mercia, Shan and Rathbone.

Realizing that incoming pirates would be subject to the curses in the lands' treasures, he created chests and keys from the unbreaking chains used to chain the first Kraken called the Old Mother.

Ramsey called for a meeting at Golden Sands Outpost, where he invited several prominent crews from the Sea of Thieves. The goal was to convince them to work together, to unravel the mysteries of the Sea of Thieves and protect pirates from the various dangers that lie within.

He invited Captain Slate, of the Morningstar, Captain Briggsy, a lone adventurer who helmed the Homeward Dove and Graymarrow, the nefarious Captain of the Twisted Horn. All agreed to attend the meeting, along with many unnamed pirates currently sailing the Sea of Thieves. Graymarrow chose to reject the Pirate Lord's proposal, based on the idea this was too controlling, just like the Trading Companies outside of the shroud.

At this meeting, he tasked the attendees with opening a variety of cursed chests, all of which failed to do so. Ramsey then revealed he had forged these chests and only he could open them with his set of skeleton keys.

For a time, he solely possessed the required skeleton keys to open these chests, however, he was betrayed by his crewmate, Rathbone, who took the keys for his own and eventually formed the Gold Hoarders Trading Company, who use the keys to open any of the magically locked Treasure Chests for a share of their contents.

Some time after the events of this betrayal, during his ninth summer on the Sea of Thieves, Ramsey attempted to restore the Shroudbreaker's power, in an effort to reach the Shores of Gold. This was foiled by The Burning Blade, which ended up scuppering the Magpie's Wing in a fierce chase across the Ancient Isles.

Ramsey earned the title Pirate Lord for his fearsome nature and glorious deeds on the seas. As the Pirate Lord, he became the leader of an Alliance of Pirates, working together to unravel the mysteries of The Sea of Thieves. After his death, Ramsey earned eternal life as a greenish-tinted ghost, most likely thanks to the cursed necklace of the Reaper's Mark, inherited to him by his long time crew-member Mercia.

After the betrayal of Rathbone and the passing of Mercia, Ramsey sailed the seas with different crews. The ideation and notoriety that he harbored proved to grow old to him and, finding that he could not sail with those close to him or share those experiences with his equals, he chose to retire. Ramsey then built Athena's Fortune, a Legendary Tavern, where he could exchange stories with pirates of great note as equals.

He remains in the Sea of Thieves, in a hidden cavern that houses the Athena's Fortune Hideout, the tavern of which is built from the Athena's Fortune shipwreck, once the flagship of his alliance, and named after Ramsey's wife, Athena. There he runs the Athena's Fortune company, selling Legendary Voyages and tales with pirates of Legendary Repute.

As the renowned Pirate Lord, Singh wields a sword with great skill and studies the Ancients with utmost curiosity. He is also very knowledgeable on how the Sea of Thieves works to the point where he has limited control of the Devil's Shroud itself, peeling it away enough for new pirates to ingress safely.

Singh is very aware of the dangers imposed by his enemies, the Skeleton Lords, and tasks new adventurers to deal with them, fearing that the enemies’s greed would take over the Sea of Thieves and diminish the free-roaming spirit that he held so dearly to.


During the Maiden Voyage

Pirate Lord


You look a little worse for wear, my friend. You must be on quite the journey.
I should eat something, if I were you. A full belly can do wonders for your spirits.
Once you’re in good health, we’ll speak properly.

After eating the Banana

There, you look better already. Maybe even strong enough to reach the Sea of Thieves.
These days they call me The Pirate Lord, but back when I discovered this place I was just a bold explorer like you.
I dreamt of finding uncharted waters filled with treasures and rife with danger, where every sunrise brought a new adventure…
You’ve been brave to make it this far. Not many do. Now you’ve one last crossing to make.
You’ll want some trusty steel at your side, though. There’s a sword in those trees whose owner doesn’t seem to need it any more.

After receiving the Cutlass

There’s far more to being a pirate than a blade in your hand and a love of other people’s money.
It’s about finding your way through ancient caverns by lamplight, digging up long-lost treasures…
… and raising a frothing great tankard of grog when you live to tell the tale!
For all of that, you’ll need the right equipment. You can start by taking this old shovel.

After taking the Shovel

I stowed a few belongings around here back in the day. The map will show you the way.

After giving the Old Sailor's Chest to the Pirate Lord

Ah, my old chest! Let’s see if she still hides her secrets.

After switching to the Flintlock

A fine weapon. She’ll serve you well out there.

After you are done with your Equipment

There! Now you look like a true pirate.
There’s plenty more to see, so why not stretch your legs and explore? I’ll be here when you’re ready to leave.

Once you are ready to leave

Well now, I’d say you’re as ready as you’ll ever be for what’s ahead.
Allow me to show you the path…
The Shroud is beginning to part, but you have one more task before your journey continues.
You may be ready to sail, but your ship still needs repairs. Go, and tend to her wounds!

At Athena's Fortune Hideout after 2.0.10 The Pirate Lord was given new dialogue in 2.0.10. His new dialogue is more humble, and adds references the Maiden Voyage, and to his children, DeMarco and Lesedi.

Dialogue icon.png

We meet again! Welcome to Athena's Fortune - my tavern, where true Pirate Legends meet to swap stories and to trade in the finest goods of all.

You say we've met before?

That's right, near the end of the journey to reach Sea of Thieves. You've come a long way since that first encounter.
As I told you back then, when I found that place I was just Ramsey, a humble explorer. Nowadays… well, I'd say my reputation speaks for itself!
If you're standing here, you must have built up quite a reputation of your own. Feel free to grab a grog and look around. You've earned it.

What is this place - a grog-house or a galleon?

Why not both? That was my plan when I built the place, to combine the two greatest loved in a pirate's heart.
Once this was the Athena's Fortune, the flagship of the Pirate Lord and his alliance. Nowadays it's an exclusive tavern for those who are worthy.
My son and daughter have taken it upon themselves to build a home, too. They're hardly ever away from that new arena of theirs.
There'll be a place for them here at my table, when they're ready. I've got a lot of fatherly wisdom saved up for them.

If I'm here, does that mean my journey's over?

Nothing could be further from the truth! In some ways this is only the beginning of your adventure.
I offer special voyages that only the bravest, most skillful pirates are fit to undertake. Succeed, and more rewards will be yours for the taking.
Besides, that's the beauty of this life. Just when you think you'll seen it all, something strange and unexpected sails over the horizon.
One day, we may meet something only Pirate Legends can handle. Until then, keep your sword sharp - and your wits sharper.

At Athena's Fortune Hideout before 2.0.10 The Pirate Lord spoke with more ego and mystery, claiming to not having had a name beyond "Pirate Lord".

Dialogue icon.png

Avast there! You are speaking with the Pirate Lord, master of the seas and known to all!

Pirate Lord? Can't say I've heard of you. What's your story?

Never heard of me? Impossible!
Everyone knows that me and my trusty crew were the first legends within the Sea of Thieves!
We thieved all the best treasures, plundered all the richest prizes! I'm surprised there's anything left!
It all came to an end when some of my hearties turned into those foul Skeletons, but I'm trying to forget about that...

As Pirate Lord, what do you actually do around here?

I keep a watchful eye on the seas to ensure good honest pirating is upheld.
I'm also launching my "Like The Pirate Lord' business, giving lucky pirates everywhere the chance to be like me.
There's a jolly range of clothing, a recipe cookbook and a selection of grog scented candles.
I'm even thinking of recording some shanties with those scurvy Skullduggers.
Can I interest you in a franchise opportunity?

Have you got a real name, Mr. Pirate Lord?

No, certainly not. NEVER had one, NEVER WILL!
Which dirty rat told you I had a real name? WHO?
I've ALWAYS been the Pirate Lord. ALWAYS WILL BE!
ANYONE that tells you differently will suffer my lordly wrath!

At the end of Shores of Gold (Quest)

Pirate Lord

Now this is what I like to see! A grand adventure, a fight to the death, and a great big pile of treasure! You'll have quite the tall tale to tell once you make it home!
The trouble with being the Pirate Lord is that everybody tries to follow in your footsteps. Briggsy, Graymarrow, the crew of the Morningstar. Why, I ask you?
This place, this Sea of Thieves, is bigger and stranger than any of us know. I reckon you've learned as much, or you wouldn't be standing here.
There'll always be new stories to tell, riches to plunder, and monsters to chill the blood of anyone brave enough to seek them out.
As for The Gold Hoarder, I doubt we've seen the last of him. It's never that easy to scrub away the stain greed leaves behind.
Still, I think he'll think twice before picking a fight with you again.
For now, I'd leave the treasure be. Its power has claimed the hearts of too many pirates already. That skull should fetch a pretty penny with the Order of Souls however, if you are so inclined.
Whatever you choose, take care not to linger, for the Shroudbreaker's power is nearly consumed. I'll have my envoy return it to its resting place ready for some other crew to test their mettle.
Perhaps we'll meet again over a grog or two! My door's always open to true Pirate Legends. Until then, fare well, and remember...
It's not about the gold…
It's about the glory!

Voice lines[]

At Athena's Fortune Hideout

Player Interaction

• Stay a while and trade some tales!
• Come to share a drink with me?
• You've done well to make it here.

Player Leaving

• Off to adventure? Make me proud!
• Show 'em what you're made of!
• Now get out there and set sail!


To browse the journals written by the Pirate Lord, please refer to Pirate Lord/Journals.


  • Singh comes from Sanskrit Sinha, meaning "lion".
  • In the outside world, Ramsey established a tavern called The Unfired Pistol. This place contains a cursed pistol that prevents gunpowder from igniting in the area.[2]
  • Ramsey's pegleg is shaped to resemble the fore claw of a griffin.[3]
  • Ramsey lost his leg during an encounter with a Kraken near Golden Sands Outpost[4]. He struggled to walk with his pegleg and took to using a cane as an aid that he is still seen with in his ghostly form.
  • The Pirate Lord appears on a Steam Trading Card awarded to players playing the Steam release of Sea of Thieves.


Patch history[]

  • 1.0.8
    • Updated Voice Lines - The Pirate Lord now has new ghostly-sounding voice lines.