Pirates are playable characters within Sea of Thieves. While they possess no difference in attributes, they are cosmetically different. Below you can find some of the pirate's avatars. 


Some of the Pirates that are playable characters in the game.

Pirate selection screen.


Play customization begins with a set of randomly generated characters. The engine used to generate characters provides an almost limitless amount of base characters which allow you to choose a character that fits the gender, body type, and face you want.

From the base character you choose, you can then customize the hair (head and facial), clothes, and accessories (i.e. peg legs, hook hands, ect.) by purchasing different items from the shops.

A new function has been added with the full game release. You can now favorite avatars that are randomly generated letting them stay there until you find a better one, as in the beta you had to randomize all the options.


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