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Behaviour Friendly and Hostile
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Player Pirates are the Human Players of Sea of Thieves. Every Crew is composed of Player Pirates, who can choose their own goals and motivations on the Seas. A single server can have up to five Crews of 1-4 Pirates, making the possible number of Player Pirates within a single server from 2 to 20. As Sea of Thieves focuses on emergent Gameplay, every interaction between Player Pirates is bound to be different. Player Crews can decide to work together in Player Alliances or fight each other, sink their Ships and claim their Treasure for themselves.

Identifying Player Pirates[]

Player Pirates make up all of the characters in Sea of Thieves that are not NPCs. Every Player Pirate has a name displayed above their character, which designates their Gamertag. Pirates of your own Crew have a Green name, that can be seen from large distances. Pirates of other Crews have white names, which are only seen from relatively close distance. Pirates in your Alliance have purple names that can only be seen from a close distance. When using an Emote from the Hide & Sneak Emote Bundle, player names are hidden even further, only showing up when looked at right next to them.


Player Pirates can form Crews of up to four people. The maximum size of a Crew is dependent on the Ship size. A Sloop Crew can have a maximum of 2, a Brigantine Crew 3, and a Galleon Crew 4 Pirates. Players can either choose to play in an Open or Closed Crew. Open Crews will put together all Pirates who are either searching for, or setting up an Open Crew themselves. Closed Crews are only reserved for Players who are Explicitly invited by the host or in their friend list.


Player Pirates can communicate with each other in various ways. They could try communicating with words via Text or Voice Chat, or they could communicate with Weapons and actions instead.

Text Chat[]

Those who have access to Keyboards, can type Custom Chat messages to each other within the game. For those who do not have access to Keyboards, can use the Pirate Chat Wheel Menu to perform various phrases in the Chat. The Pirate Chat Wheel has messages for various situations, depending on the type of Items, Treasure or Equipment they are interacting with, or the location they are at. Chat Messages are displayed for all Crew members at all times, however other Pirates can only see messages that are posted in close range to them. The Accessibility Settings also allow Players to turn on text-to-speech and speech-to-text for Chat messages.

Voice Chat[]

Player Pirates can also make use of their Microphones to communicate with other Players. As with Text Messages, all voice communication is presented to all Crew members, or Pirates of other Crews who are nearby. The further away you move from an other Crew's Pirate, the lower their voice gets. Player Pirates can increase the volume and range of their Voices with the Speaking Trumpet Equipment Item. The Speaking Trumpet does not work with Text Chat, only changing Pirate Chat messages to all CAPS.

Open Microphone is on by default and Players will need to turn it off to access Voice Activation.

Combat and Health[]

Every Player Pirate has the same Health bar, which is often counted as 100 health by players. Once all health points are depleted, the Pirate will die and be available for Reviving for a short while. All dead Pirates go to the Ferry of the Damned in Adventure Mode (they will just float as Ghosts in Arena, until Revived or respawned). In the Ferry, they are able to see and interact with all other dead Player Pirates or grab Flames of Fate for their Lanterns, the colour of which depends on the way they died. If Players are killed by other Player Pirates, they can receive a Pink Flame from the Lantern at the Ferry. After approximately half a minute, Players can go through the Ferry door and return to the realm of the living, respawning at their Ship, or nearby.

Players can acquire Health Regeneration from eating Cooked Food, such as Fish or Meat. This is represented by the circle by the Health Bar, which will kick in after a Pirate has not taken further damage for 5 seconds.

Players can make use of their Weapons, Throwables or Cannons to defeat other Player Pirates.

Player Alliances[]

Crews that wish to work together can form Player Alliances with other Ship Crews. In order to do this, one of the Crews has to hoist the Alliance Pennant at their Ship Flag Box and the other has to join the Alliance from their own Ship's Flag Box. Alliances can only be made from short distances. Allied Ships will always be shown on the Alliance Ships' Map Table as if sailing with a Reaper's Mark. 50% of all Gold and Reputation gains will be shared with other Allied Crews, while your own Crew still gets 100%. Pirates in an Alliance are not required to work together and can betray and kill each other as they see fit without any penalties.


Player Crews have the option to represent a Trading Company as an Emissary Ship. Emissaries gain increased Reward and Reputation gains with the Company. Emissaries of the Reaper's Bones Company are rewarded with Emissary Grade Reputation for killing any other Player Pirates and sinking their ships. Reaper's Bones Emissary Ships can always be seen on the Map Table. As such, caution is advised when sailing on the same seas with Reapers, as they will try to hunt down other Emissary Ships. As a reward, other Trading Company Emissaries get Grade Reputation for killing any Reaper's Bones Representatives.


There are various things that Player Pirates can vote on as a Crew. Some decisions require the majority of votes, while other decisions require all Players to vote on them:

  • Vote on picking the next Voyage - Done at the Voyage Table. Requires the majority of the Crew's votes.
  • Vote on embarking on a Tall Tale - Done at any Tale Book. Requires the majority of the Crew's votes.
  • Vote on representing a Trading Company as an Emissary - Done at Emissary Tables. Requires the majority of the Crew's votes.
  • Vote on locking a Player Pirate in the Ship's Brig - Done from the Crew settings Menu. Requires everyone's vote.
  • Vote on scuttling (sinking) the Ship - Done from the Crew settings Menu. Requires everyone's vote.
  • Vote on opening or closing the Crew - Done from the Crew settings Menu. Requires everyone's vote.