Plunder Outpost is a location in Sea of Thieves.

It is an Outpost with fully functional Shopkeepers and Quest NPCs. Players have a chance of spawning on Plunder Outpost when loading into a game with a fresh crew or when starting solo on a Sloop.

Store Stock

Shipwright Shop

  • Hunter Flag
  • Shark Hunter Flag
  • Bilge Rat Figurehead
  • Hunter Figurehead
  • Royal Sovereign Figurehead
  • Sovereign Figurehead
  • Shark Hunter Figurehead
  • Bilge Rat Hull
  • Castaway Bilge Rat Hull
  • Scurvy Bilge Rat Hull
  • Hunter Hull
  • Royal Sovereign Hull
  • Sovereign Hull
  • Imperial Sovereign Hull
  • Shark Hunter Hull
  • Bilge Rat Sails
  • Castaway Bilge Rat Sails
  • Scurvy Bilge Rat Sails
  • Hunter Sails
  • Royal Sovereign Sails
  • Sovereign Sails
  • Imperial Sovereign Sails
  • Shark Hunter Sails
  • Black Sailor Sails
  • Grass Green Sailor Sails
  • Red Sailor Sails
  • Royal Blue Sailor Sails
  • Yellow Sailor Sails



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